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Calling Bob Beckel...

 Dude.  Don't be a DouCHE.  Really.  Because clearly, you haven't been there, done that (or even decent homework), much less... have the T-shirt.


Hey, give the Left's version of Rush a break. My only gripe with Fox is that they're not trying hard enough to get Rush to do a side-by-side show with Beckel, like the old Hannity & Commie.
Beckel is a total doofus (emphasis on the "doo" part).

Consider him to be an attention seeking shock jock for the left, hoping to outrage the sane, and make the rest of his Demonrat pals look almost rational by comparison, thus skewing the politcal spectrum much farther to the left.

My B.S. shield goes up automatically whenever I see Beckel and I no longer even register what he spews.
Bob Beckel would have to get on a LONG step ladder to climb high enough to reach the level of whale excrement. He likes to defend the indefensible and libel law-abiding citizens who simply want the government to scale back operations to a level the citizens can afford - he likes to sling around terms like tea-bagger, knowing full well the negative sexual connotation of that term. He also has called tea partiers 'terrorists', probably because they scare him with their common-sense approach to government.

I could go on but Beckel simply isn't worth the effort. I don't know why Fox News puts him on the air, except that by doing so they probably think ratings will improve as people watch 'The Five' for the latest outrage he perpetrates.
Bobbie the whoremonger at age 53, who knows if he still has his Maryam Massihi aka "Tiffany"T-shirt too?

A perfect example of his judgement and morals ... nuff said.

I mostly wanted to get in a link to B5's t-shirt, and do a little Che'-sliming.
Well ... why the hell didn't you say so. I am gonna buy one.
" ... Don't be a DouCHE ..."

Too late as far as Beckel is concerned. This guy is clearly living in an alternate reality, Bizarro World ... as are most liberals.  Facts don't mean as much to them as their memes, no matter how bizarre or wrong their memes are.