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Another day on the Quasi-Whatziss.

If you need to catch up - go down two posts! Some responses to several comments. Staged? Quite possibly, but just as possibly not. Regarding the footgear - those leather personnel carriers w/accs look like pretty standard boots, gaiters, and galoshes to me. I do think it's a pile of beets, and probably sugar beets, but that's just wingin' it. As for the question as to whether or not the right-hand Mauser is a Mauser... it's a Mauser. It isn't an 03A3, as it has the rear sight forward of the receiver. And it isn't an 03A1, because that rear sight is a sliding ramp style, vice a flip-up, and the forearm wood does not extend to the forward stock band/bayonet lug. It's a Mauser.

As promised - here's the cut-off portion from yesterday - showing the weapons carrier and 57mm anti-tank gun. For Og - the anti-tank guns in the infantry regiments were manned by infantrymen. So calling infantrymen or anti-tank gun crew are both correct.

If we proceed from the assumption that the photo isn't staged, I would guess they aren't manning the M2 on the weapons carrier because the truck isn't mobile anymore and is too exposed as-is. And they have the Mausers probably as trophies, but it the enemy is more than 100 yards away, and all I had was a carbine, I might have grabbed a Mauser, too. But I prolly would have brought my carbine along as well, for that rapid sustained fire capability if the bad guys started getting close.


Yep, you're right of course, it's a Mauser.  Blown up a little more it's a little more obvious.  I knew it wasn't an A3, but I thought it might be an older model.  I don't think that many A3s were actually issued in WWII as Garand production caught up before they ran out of existing '03s and '03A1s. 
If the new whatsizzz is the grass on the helmet, I'm guessing unrip foxtails.
An excellent whatsis. I wonder where that M1/2 carbine is now? What stories could it tell?
I always wondered what tactical use those piles of beets would be when I saw them all around my 'special place' (as the locals called it) near what was the IGB.
I do believe the troop third from right has a Garand. The smidgin of
forend exposed doesn't show a rear sight, and does show some
"pertch belly" where the stock swells around the magazine; and yes,
those are sugar beets.
PrimEvil, I think you may be right- though in my mind it's a toss up, it could also be an Enfield 17
Concur with Garand third from right.
I'm just pleased as hell I got the K98 that was a K98 right.  That and I finally remembered my left from my right.