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...and somewhere, an angel got its wings.

One wonders how much blood was let in small cubes in the darkness of the inner rings of the Pentagon in order to win this lexicological fight...

From email (because this carp is important when you write proposals):

All, the term "Full Spectrum Operations" is out as per the CSA. The construct of offense/defense/stability/civil support remains unchanged but FSO will now be called "Tim"

   - Seriously, FSO will now be called "Decisive Action"
   - The Tenets of Unified Land Operations (integration/lethality/adaptability/depth/synchronization)
will now also include "flexibility."
You can't make this up.  Nor am I joking about the blood spilled in the dark corners of the building (and others) in the knife fight to win a terminology war.


 Next, gentleman, we have a new concept to develop. It's in the early stages, so the name lacks suitably cohesive immersiveness, but at the moment we call it "The Principles of War".

There's a name for that kind of spin-speak. It's called "gobbeldygook".
If they do chop the military then this is where they need to start.  Decisive Action is needed.

This is why we can't have nice things.

I'll just keep calling it "making friends and killing people."

 J.M.H., Don't we usually start at "The Principles of War"? Thatn is usually *before* we get started.

PrimEvil, Let's just un-spin it, in our part of the country, we call it, "Bravo-Sierra".

Argent, How about the politicians and their kids? That sounds good to me.

Sakar,  Nah, she'll get even.
If The Armorer's job requires him to be attentive to this sort of admnstrivia BS empire building, I am surprised that he is not in a rubber room somewhere from being in close proximity to people who do that sort of stuff.

In event of budget cuts, start HERE, indeed!
" ... I am surprised that he is not in a rubber room somewhere from being in close proximity to people who do that sort of stuff."

Could be why he bought The Castle, with all that room for firing ranges.  Shooting things can be "therapeutic", dontchaknow?  LOL
Has a rubber room, calls it his 'bunker'.

Grumpy:  Most of me thinks pollie kids should get nothing.  I damn hope that is the case over this side of the pacific.  A small part of me pities them.  I mean short of being a pastor's or headmasters kid, is there a worse fate?
This is new news to you guys why? Because?

Anyone remember the DEPARTMENT OF WAR?

Newspeak has permeated the "blow 'em up" guys since the end of WWII. Mil-Ind complex and promote or perish, etc.
We should the name back to the War Department. The Navy might not like it, but I could go for seeing a few Admirals with their panties in a wad.
I think they should call it Tim. Short for Tim the Enchanter.
Renaming DoD as the Department of War would also be a good idea.
Rearranging the deck chairs continues apace.

Next on the agenda will be a meeting to determine the musical selection for the band and the feasibility of erecting a viewing stand atop the iceberg...
Excuse me, Steward?  My deck chair is facing the wrong way.  I'm meeting my friend, Tim, here in a few minutes and this view just won't do.  All I can see it white!  Please, do be a dear and put a couple of chairs over on the other side closer to the band.  I heard they're getting ready to do a Beatle's set.
Thank you ever so much.
Oh, by the by, do you know where to sign up for the shuttle over to the viewing stand?
For some strange reason, this makes me insanely happy.... 
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Frank, it's idiomatic sarcasm. He's ridiculing the idiots in the Pentagon who are changing word usages from common, normal use, to something very silly.

Lexicological is a 1000 DM word having to do with word definition and usages. Cubes are the small areas in which labor an inividual of not much importance, except in their own mind, that was involved in the fight to change such word definition and usage.

I know the DM is no more, but I hate the Euro. Sue me.

I bet the Armoreer would like to have Marks back too.
Is that like "Tim", as in Monty Python's Holy Grail, and you normals are just messing with my literal Aspie mind?  Or did they really write "Tim"?  Has it gotten that silly?
P.s. I don't care for the silliness.

At Divine Services this evening, we were solicited to bring, next week, special goodies to be shipped to our own Marine in Afghanistan, who has just deployed there. It was the usual list of handi-wipes, toiletries, etc.

  I said that I had no money and was subsisting on the charity of the parish, but that I could send the guy some books.  His Mom says he likes SF, as do I, so I am looking around for what I can send.
QM - the Frank to whom you were responding was a spammer.  But I liked your response, so I left it up even if it's confusing now, since fdcol (also a Frank) knew well what I meant.

I think the Germans want the DM back.