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All This For A (Friggin) Flag?

Massa John seems unconvinced.  How about this little bombshell on Our First Lady disregard for Old Glory, and Our President's smug little nod to her snide remark.  If you ask me, it tells me volumes on their mindset as they were meeting with relatives of the victims.  Look for her Remark at (34:16)

And if you missed it all, please don't forget your blood pressure medication:

Ask and ye shall receive Boss.



Any idea what she said?  "This is a very moving ceremony" is a bit different from "My girdle is killing me."
So, of course, right now I don't have time to watch 'em... you fink!
 Joe: I'm not a lip reader, but I think it was something like, "I freakin' hate bagpipes."
I am dissapointed with the political correctness in our country today.  Flying the Flag SHOULD NEVER be an issue.

I lipread a fair bit.  It does need to be clear that accuracy is pretty awful.  What I saw was "all that bother for a flag". Obama is oh yes expression followed by a disapproving headshake from the first lady.