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All That For A Flag (A Daily Devotional)

Some may be confused on why I keep making these weird-titled posts.  At first, I was incensed about the blatant disregard that our First Family showed to the very flag that flew over Ground Zero that horrible day, ten years ago.

But then, I got thinking... Why not turn my perspective around?  Instead of "Beating-The-Dead-Mare" in continuous disgust, why not pay devotion to our flag, like members of the NYPD and NYFD did begining around (24:00) of the now infamous clip.  Please FF to that point.

Did you see the Police and Firemen first carry in procession the battered flag that flew over Ground Zero that day? They carry it like a sacred object, for it flew over their brothers killed that day. It flew over the thousand innocents killed that day, and bore silent witness to the atrocities of that day. It holds the scars that we all share to this day.

To see our First Lady give such contempt for THAT specific flag, and to see our President assent to this, an insult of the first order. First of all to the NYPD & NYFD, our Servicemen who have died in its defense, and to all of us Americans that live over the land that it represent.

If you still want to see her making her quip, you could watch this other clip from a slightly different angle:  If that first clip is ambiguous, on what our First Lady quipped, maybe this other one from a slight different angle:

Anyways, I'm not sure exactly what she said.  All I could say with certainty, is that she finished her remark with the word "FLAG".  If she payed a verbal compliment, her body language shure did not match it.

The First Lady of France once was reputed to say: "Let them eat cake".   When people found out about this, they took it as proof of the disregard that their queen had for her subjects.  Nevermind, that it was latter proven that this was a total fabrication by Rousseau.  Lucky for us, we have Youtube to record for posterity.  

Whatever our current First Lady stated, she now stands to have said: "All That For A Flag".  And I'm just running with it.  Not so much to Beat-the-Mare with, but to use it as a device to show our devotion to our flag, honor to each other, and commitment to our nation.

Thus from this point forward, I will be paying daily devotionals to our flag (or as often as opportunity strikes), to remind all of us the importance that flag,country, and brotherhood have for us.

And as such: All That For A Flag?

(Click For Caption)

Yes Michelle, yes indeed.



Easy to see this  ole man had some mighty good basic training followed by more than a smidgen of inspirational service.
The opposite of disrespecting the flag is, of course, the practice of converting it from an admirable symbol to an idolatrous worship fetish.

Oh God - My intention is not to come across like a shallow, over compensating flag-waving freak.  That is not my intention.  My purpose is to bring the positive side to the things we do for ourselves and each others, as Americans.  A healthy respect for the flag, in its proper place and hierarchy of what we hold important in our lives.

Then again, what do I know about love for country.  This little 'Rican doesn't have a country of my own to love.
Boq - such drama.  Oh, wait, yer a 'Rican.  You have a Commonwealth to love, right?  Two of 'em, actually.

I think Casey's gonna keep pokin' because he thinks yer pokin'.  Whyncha the two of ya take it outside and settle with a game of mumblety-peg?
Heee - As long as Casey doesn't sic one of his dogs on me, I won't take myself too serious, Boss:  DOGS HERE