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All That For A Flag?

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Yes Michelle, and for honor to sacrifice; which you would never understand.



 There's some spin now, even among conservatives, that the First Lady didn't say what everyone thinks she said. 

Her record of dislike for her native land says they're wrong. 
 Not really for the flag, but what it stands for. What made teh country it stands for. And, the very things that Michelle "I'm not proud of my country" Obama doesn't stand for.

"Day By Day" really has that character pegged.
There has got to be a lip reading individual that is on OUR side that could take that video and actually tell us what the fat cow said.
Could have been,  "bag pipes are just too noisy. "  Well, it could have been that saying.
Um, Boq? Dead horse here, buddy.

We all here got it the first time, not to mention the previous thirteen times. Michelle Obama is an east coast progressive (I consider Chicago intellectually part of the east coast in this case), nearly all of whom consider any expression of patriotism as the worst kind of jingoism. That, along with her infamous 2008 pronouncement of "finally" being proud of America highlights where she's coming from.

Are you shocked, or even surprised? Do you think loyal blue-collar Democrats will suddenly start voting for Palin once they read your multiple posts on this?
Post on, Brother Boq!
 Love the picture...

The horse will only be dead after Jan 2013...With luck and hard work..
" ... The horse will only be dead after Jan 2013 ..."

And even then, keep beating until you're sure it's dead, lest it come back to life - zombie-like.
Horse!?!  Thought it was a Wookie.
 Hmmm. fdcol gets points for cultural hipness. MAJ Mike gets points for ...evil cultural hipness... Heh.

Gotta get my shotgun, now.

And even then, keep beating until you're sure it's dead, lest it come back to life - zombie-like.
There's the problem. What most folk miscomprestand is that this crap works like ocean waves. Each wave, and Obama is just the latest, crashes into the buttressing cliffs and wears them down a little bit more.

There will be others coming after Obama, whether he wins or loses this next election. Each one will push the ball closer to the goal line. Obama's just a first down, not the touchdown many think he was intended to be.

Metaphors mixed because straight metaphor gives me a hangover.