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A Caption Contest (Mr. Bunny's Command Edition)

Talk to me Mr. Bunny, should I raise my leg-up now?

(Click to embiggen Mr Waggs and his mysterious Bunny Foo-Foo)



Lil' Bama Foo-Foo lying to the voters, pickin' up the 'publicans and bopping them on the head.

Then down came reality and he said....  (insert thread jacking theme here)...

Kid:  "Mr. President, please tell me again why MY generation will still be paying for YOUR budget deficits and debt?"
Golden retrievers are too friendly to be effective watchdogs; see above picture. QED. 
Whatever you think of the current POTUS, I'd still be making my children sartorial decisions for them if the Pres was visiting my house. It's not as if he's just going to show up unannounced. "American rodeo clown" would not be my first choice of clothing themes for my sons. Sheesh.
Gee Wizzz Mr. Obama, I wanna be a commiescum just like you when I grow up!
Geesh - Even your dogs are white, here in Iowa.
Even Jimmah Carter was man enough to kill his own rabbit...
No, that's the ghost of Jimmeh.

...Maybe Barry is going through a "Christmas Carol" experience, and Jimmeh is the Ghost of Failures Past. I can visualize the Present ghost, but could use suggestions for the Future ghost.

If it's President Joe Biden I'm-a movin' to Texas, and seceding.

See kids,  don't be like the bunny and just eat your peas...