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Welcome home, soldier.

4 of the 30 casualties from the Chinook were from the Kansas City region in some fashion.  Yesterday, we buried Specialist Spencer Duncan for Fort Leavenworth.  Today, CW2 Bryan Nichols will be buried over in Hays, Kansas, his hometown.

At the Fort, when we have an interment of a fallen warrior, we do an Avenue of Flags down Grant Avenue, the main street of Fort Leavenworth.  The road is lined by soldiers, family members, and civilians - as virtually all of us have, or have had, skin in this game.

Yesterday was Specialist Duncan's turn.



Stupid allergies.
Like Carrie -- I didn't know that just watching Kansas could make your eyes water.  Rest in Peace Soldier -- you're on God's SF Team now.
Job well done soldier.  May you rest in peace.
 First, My respects to all of the fallen and their family and friends.

Second, "Skin in the game" on one level or another, makes a major difference in your views.
great blog. cheers for showing us