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To My Darling Chief - Happy Birthday!

Love, Princess Crabby, the Empress of La Moata, she who has no equal, Princesa Malhumorada, Maggie


Happy Birthday, Mr. DeBille!!!  In honor of your annual lap, I've found a beer summit for you to discuss your ideas about TARP, QE I & II, and the wars.
The scary part is - we don't really know how old he is.  He pre-dates birthdays.
And with those many, many, many, many, manymany years has come wisdom... right? And the dignity of age.
Congratulations, oh superannuated one!
I signed you up to get your own nice, calm, non-enraged buffalo!  Happy Birthday, SugarButtons!  May all the puppies wash your face.

  There's some pics of pilots with the Lafayette Escadille and I could swear one of them is a dead ringer for Bill.

   Wasn't there a Twiight Zone episode about him?
Maybe. "Old Leadbottom" was the nickname...

So, BillT, what was is like, watching God design "air"?

(Happy Birthday Chief! Many happy returns!)
Happy b'day, Bill!  I'll forego the snide remarks about your esteemed level of maturity since that would come close to the pot/kettle analogy...
C'mon, Oldloader (hey, yer spellin' it diff'rent!) since Bill gave G-d the recipe for mud, unless you game Him the recipe for dirt, yer younger'n Our Bill.
Happy Birthday, Bill!  Hope you see many more!
 I hear one of you "Old Pharts", has been around longer then time, itself. Forget about dirt.  
Is it true that Da Vinci wrote "Thanks for your help with the design, William." on the original drawing for his helioflopper?
Congrats!  Another year above ground.

I did hear Bill tell G-d that he thought that the whole space-time continuum thing was a great idea... ;)

 Happy, Happy Birthday Bill. My you be richly blessed with many, many more.
Happy Birthday, big guy :)
Beats the shit out the alternative, donit?
Awwwwww, you guys...


No, I'm not getting sentimental, I just spent all day pumping out a neighbor's basement. and I got the sniffles.


My lie, and I'm sticking to it...
 It is 2218, Eastern Time, not GMT, and as a paratrooper, sniper, registered nurse, and a 49 year old Second Leftenant in the Virginai Defense Force, (but 27 years as an NCO) I wish Bill Tuttle a Happy Birthday! Anyone stupid enough to fly a rotary wing bird to transpoirt me into and out of $hithole$ is a hero and blood broter in my book! Many more blessings to you, my botehr in arms! (Sorry about the syntax, I'm a little intoxicated and my loving wife is asleep.)
 broter =brother. Wine! Riesling is to blame! If I was just programming in assembly language it would just be so much easier! Bloody computers!
Bill just remember "Old Age and Treachery will defeat Youth and Skills everytime".  If I did not know you back in the Day, I knew someone like you!

I said like him, there is no way a Benevolent God would make Two! 
Happy birfday to you, KABOOM!
Happy birfday to you, THWACK!
Happy birfday Dear Capt-, er, Chie-, er Mr. Bill,
Happy birfday to you.

May you have many more returns of the day, with no more KABOOMs and THWACKs, and most certainly no more concussions, and may Carborundum retire to a nice rest home, where there is nothing hard nor sharp, and he does not have to go out, because Our Bill is just goofing off in an avuncular comfortable manner for the rest of his life, occasionally bestirring hisself to tell people on the Internet exactly what they are full of.
Yup, Lt Alan the Nurse, Sir, I too have on occasion drunk too much white German wine, reasoning that because the Red Wine I had drunk previously made me feel bad the next day, but the White Wine didn't (quite so much), that the white wine was also less dangerous in other ways.

Not so.

Oh, I must ask, Sir: Do you still have your Cap and Pin?  Sorry, couldn't resist.
Happy Birthday, Bill.  You know you're old when they stop saying you're old enough to be my father and start saying you're old enough to be my grandfather.
P.s. I had thought of pursuing a Nursing License, after I got too old to go to Medical School. I later got too old for that, too.

But still, had I done so, I would have wanted to show up at the graduation ceremony in an old-fashioned white nurse's uniform, with skirt, white stockings, and two days' worth of manly beard, to receive the aforesaid cap and pin...
Happy Birthday Bill .... keep on writing.
Happy Belated Birthday, Bill.