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Tiring of the "pushed under the bus meme..."

...I'm going to go with, "Virgins tossed into the volcano to appease the Great Spirit (and deflect attention away from the whores who are really responsible for this mess)" meme.

Which, of course, does a disservice to members of the Oldest Profession.

So,the interim head of the BATFE, Kenneth Melson, leaps into the pit to distract the not-terribly-interested press (but he'll stay on the payroll, because well, this is the government, where being sacked means never having to miss a paycheck).  Frankly, since I don't think he's the nexus of the problem, I really don't have a problem with him staying on the payroll - though I suspect it's as much so that the Harlots-in-Charge can keep a muzzle on him as anything else.

Secondly, the US Attorney for Arizona, Dennis Burke, has resigned over Operation Fast and Furious.  Mr. Burke has apparently left for greener pastures. 

More, please. 

But I'm thinking we should still keep shining lights into the dark corners, and see what rats scurry about.


At least when a member of the oldest profession takes your money, you get to screw them, instead of the ther way 'round, like the .gov does it.

Personally, I think moving Melson to the DoJ mothership means they can more effectively muzzle him, after he went around Holder and talked to Congress...
I can only hope he'll learn more things there he can talk to Congress about.
Subpoenas!   For Holder and all the other whoremasters. 

Questions, under oath and penalty of perjury!

Tough questions!

Gotta run- will need lots of popcorn and beer for this!
Another very very old trick is for a very big rat to produce a naughty little rat for scapegoatery and distraction.  ie it's not always a virgin and where is the bigger rat?