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The scourging continues unabated... [Updated]

[See below for the update - and an apology] with a surprising amount of cat hair for scale! Awfully nice of me to do that, considering that... scale isn't an issue in this Whatziss.   

The pic will embiggen if you wave your wand over it]

This might be the tipping point for some of you.

Update: First up - regarding John(NTA)'s comment - what two piece stock?

Now that you've clicked the link - the apology.  There *is* a marking on that side of the butt, just as Phil said and I disavowed.  It's a "7," which I assume is a rack number.  There are still markings on the other side of the butt.  But Phil called it right, I said he was wrong, when in fact he was right.  My bad.


WTF? (Just quoting Obambi- "Win the Future...)

Now I have to change my guess to some sort of training rifle, likely Jap on account of the two piece stock, but at this point, who knows!
This fels an aweful lot like poking the bear, taunting the readers like this....I'm on the ede of my chair with anticipation...
You can tell it's Mattel .... it's swell!
The stock did definitely look two piece in the previous picture.
7/8 scale Type 38 rifle.
I still say Mosin Nagant, but with highly modified/removed magazine.  Possibly a single shot conversion?  Google Fu still fails to provide useful information.  Speculation on why someone would make such a thing: cosmetic appeal?  A hunting rifle that would not pose as much of  a threat to the regime?  Target rifle to meet some specialized match rules? Training rifle for a youth organization?
Dedicated Mosin gernade launcher?