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Sound advice for an uncertain world.

Invest in precious metals.

Of course, after making that investment, I would have a huge-self control problem to not share the wealth with the locals who do this to dogs.

I freely admit thatit would be a supreme challenge to me to work with Afghans who found this to be acceptable, and worse, fun.

Yeah, I can be a judgemental kind of guy, about certain aspects of culture.  The Koreans generally eat what they kill, when dealing with dogs, which I can live with better than what other cultures (to include dog fight sub-cultures in the US) do to them.  However, the one time Koreans tried to serve me dog, I just showed them pictures of the furry family members and said I'd rather eat 1000 year old eggs, with real kimchi, instead, rather than have to go home and face them.


I invest in lead, FMJ and hollow point.
Of all the issues I have with these sand morons, this is the by far worst.

I know, personally, hundreds of people I would gleefully stab with my swiss engineer's bayonet, watching their innards wind around the sawteeth as it came out their other side, and yanking it back out and beating them the rest of the way to death with it, before harming the lowest dog.

Sons of bitches. There's nothing I can think of too bad to do to people like this, and I have an incredible imagination.

You can tell a lot about a society by the way they treat women, kids, and in particular animals. These people fail on all levels.  I will make it as simple as I can:  The Afghanis as a culture (particularly the men) are uncivilized  animals and need to be put in cages so they cannot contaminate the rest of the world.  They are wastes of life too stupid and intractable to develop into civilized humans.  They fall back behind a bullshit fictional religion to justify their marginal behavior, and hate us for trying to square them away.  The proper way to have prosecuted the war in the AF would have been to shoot every living thing in sight that had a dick.  They are beyond salvaging.  And I for one am tired of seeing body bags coming back from a war that we insist on halfassing like we did in Vietnam.  Either put the hammers of hell on all afghani men until the are dead or submit, or get out of there.

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It's enough to make you puke. When someone comes out with the drivel about all cultures being equal I want to rub the idiots faces in facts like this. I'd say more but right now I can't without violating the rules.
Ditto ..... to pretty much all that's been said already.
 A peson that sincerely thinks all cultures are equal has never left teh block in his life, or they are a leftist academic, which is pretty much teh same type of moron.

There was a scene in the movie "Hombre" that dealt with dog-eating.

Paul Newman, playing Hombre, a white man raised by Apache Indians was asked by the prissy with of the town banker, who had recently emptied the bank's vault into his own luggage, if "...the Apache really ate dogs..." Hombre's reply was "You get hungry enough, you'll eat dog and fight for the bones.

Good movie, not John Wayne/John Ford good, but good.
Aussies are great people.

It's one thing to be driven to do something by the need to survive and quite another to maliciously hurt something for perverse pleasure. As for cultures that eat dog, horse or other animal we don't I don't hold it against them but, like John, I wouldn't join them at dinner. I suppose, faced with starvation, if I were hungry enough I could get it down, but I don't know if it would stay there.
QM, you almost nailed it, but not quite. Not only AREN'T all cultures created equal, we have to look at those who say they are as inferior, to boot, because anyone who deliberately suppresses their logic and intellect to come up with such an illogical idea is a very dangerous, and therefore, inferior, person.

Natural selection takes care of most of the problems with inferior cultures, if we let it. The Afgani situation is best handled by hyper-isolating them. Then we have to deal with the few other world exceptions. The biggest exception we face right now is Pakistan, with their nukes. I assume we'll never hear these sentiments in advance, but I sincerely hope that our next President, who will be conservative, engages on a plan to disarm the Pakistanis, by force, and suddenly.

These problems aren't difficult, they just require resolve, and for the moment, we have none at the CIC level.

We don't let our three-year old toddlers run around with knives, do we?
After living amoungst the practionaers of the Religion of Pieces for some time; I find it both surprising and frustrating that there are those in the West that are surprised/shocked to read of such parctices.  Do you all not think that someone who can slowly saw a man's head off on TV could not do worse to an unclean animal, as they see it?  I guess CAIR has done a good a job as any previos Propaganda machine of any previous evil group in keeping the sheep blind to the aproaching wolves...
 Rivr, I think a moron is an inferior person. Don't you? :-)
Yes, the story describes hideous things. I knew that Muslms considered dogs "unclean," but this is the first I've heard of widespread abuse.

I've always wondered why? since reading a P.J. O'Rourke article from Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War.

What really jumped out at me was the suggestion that Mohammed and the original Muslims deliberately condemned dogs as "unclean" in order to supress or drive out the Zoroastrian culture.

I dunno... Maybe they're nicer to dogs up north than they are in Kandahar. The Kuchis around here have big, beautiful dogs to herd their sheep and goats. I don't know how they treat them, but I'd like to think it's better than that poor dog Wiley.