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Somethings are just timeless...

Get some, Congressman West. Confuse the Libs some more.


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Nuts! It Takes All Kinds from This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here on August 18, 2011 4:46 PM

Via The Armorer:     ‘NUTS!’ — Allen West’s Strange, One-Word Response To Being Called Out For Ties To Islamophobes Earlier this month, a local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent Rep. Allen West (R-FL) a letter asking him ... Read More


I was laughing before I even read the liberal drivel at the link.  What a bunch of macaroons.

Keep it up, Colonel West.  We love it.
I think West stepped in a steaming pile on the Debt ceiling business, but this reponse to CAIR is something of which I richly approve.

Not that West feels the need for my approval.
"I am writing to you with regard your recent letter."
Shouldn"t it be "I am writing to you regarding your recent letter."?
Just the one word NUTS in BIG font, like 48.?
Just checking my English knowledge.
Howerver, it is an EXCELLENT reply to a bunch of BBFN's.
Love it. Two thumbs up to Lt.Col.(Ret) Representative West.
As usual, the twinkies over at Think Progress (the title alone proves Libs are irony-proof) are tripping over one another to vie for the title of "Dhimmi Suckup of the Week"...
Heltau - indeed, the grammar is a touch fractured.  He could also have said "with regard to"... but we all (and, one assumes, CAIR) got the message.
What was really funny to me was the story about it on one CBS affiliate website.  Abotu 2/3 of the way though it there is a paragraph saying that they had "discovered" that Mr. West seemed to be giving the same answer that McAullife gave the Germans. 

They "DISCOVERED!" that!!!  Key-RIST on a unicycle!  Any 8 year old shold have been able to tell them that.  Or any Wal-Mart greeter.
The ONLY thing that causes me pangs of disappointment is,  I bet the bozos at CAIR don't catch the reference.

Other than that....

*Stamp of Approval* 

Yep. Get some.
I am shocked, shocked to hear that Pamela Geller is an "anti-Muslim activist." No, really.

Whoa...just think if Gen McAullife had that stationary to write his answer on....oooooo baby I would have loved to see the German's face. I still like the quote the Col of the 327th gave as the Germans turned to go back to their lines.

Not accurate but something like "You keep coming and we'll kill all you f****ers."
I recall reading (in Baldwin's Battles Lost & Won, I think) that the American translater that "nuts" was equivalent to "quatsch," which I've seen translated variously as garbage, poppycock, and/or BS.

...All of which translate quite nicely in Mr. Allen's letter... :)

I am a fan.  Alas, I can only endorse him for Prez.  He has my vote.
PS:  Give 'em helk, sir.
PS:  Give 'em helk, sir.  Also, did we notice the byline?  Or would that be considered profiling by name?  I remembered that story about 'Nuts' because duh, my dad (like all of y'alls) was a veteran, and told it to his children.
What makes the reply so appropriate is that it generated the same response from both the Germans and CAIR.  Of course this fact is lost on many progressives and the media which makes it even more appropriate. 
I was just discussing this with my housemate, the former Army Intel Sergeant with a master's degree in German, and we both agreed that General McAuliffe could have had a greater effect had he been a German scholar, and said, "Goetz von Berlichingen! "
Oh, I do wish the good Congressman had written what Mr. Berlichingen said, except in English, on that same letterhead.