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Percussive Therapy Of A Different Kind

We are all well aware of Massa John's kind of Percussive Therapy. And yet, there's the Israeli M113 inspired kind of Percussive Therapy:

There at the end at (1:35), It reminds me a lot of D.C.'s own feral street music:  The 5-Gallon Paint Drum Go-Go Beat.



Boq, it's funny about your thinkin on "Massa John's view on Percussion Therapy". it all depends on how you look at it. The top clip I believe there are times "that old boy" would like to do that type of therapy on our heads, mine included. For that matter, I feel like he has already been doing it for a long time, at a rate of twice my pulse.  About the target shooting, it wasn't a threat. If it was a threat at the same size of a gnat, at the same distance, with the same piece, Massa John would circumcise him. The gnat would be delicate for a while.  
I am so glad that Grumpy does not know exactly where I live. Please don't tell him, Major!
He seems like he can be right scary, judging by his choice of words. Oh he is also old, so I might have a chance against him.  I don't think people will pay money to watch a geezer fight, unless it is maybe a rematch between Jim Webb and Ollie North.
SO much for noise and light security
 JTG, Y'all got nothing to worry about me. I'm not the one with the arsenal. he's the one who is a "crack shot". By the way, don't you dare ask me to define a "crack shot". I'll leave that task up to the rest of the demented minds on this blog, for which there is no shortage.  
It's a "Gavin drum"  I know it's off to the salt mines for me mentioning the "G" word.