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One last whack with the flail...

...and I think you guys will pull it all together. In fact, you already have, mostly.


I must say you really pulled out a good one this time, I will take a total shot in the dark and say that this a Carcano that was converted to 7.92mm by the Germans for the Volksturm.  Or maybe a Turkish M38 Mauser, or well I honestly have no idea what kind of rifle this is any more.
The receiver ring and rounded piece ahead of it look distinctly Gew88 Commission rifle (or later jacketless barrel version), and the "T" rib at the bottom of the trigger guard looks like Gew88 as well, but chopped off.

I dont have any idea any more!
Definitely a Gewehr 1888 Commission rifle.  Perhaps modified to single shot?
If it's an 1888, where's the stock cross-bolt, though?

All the pictures I can see show one under the bulge where the bolt meets the barrel...

(Sure looks bubba'd a bit, what with the vise-marks on the receiver...?)
At first I was sure it was one of the military air rifles Anschutz made for Turkey or Egypt.

Now I'm just as sure I was wrong.

Any chance we'll be told what it is before Christmas?

Maybe a 1901 Siamese Mauser converted to .45-70?
C'mon, Rikkochet - you know how I love to pull the wings off of flies.  Besides, it'll keep your mind off the riots.
Um, John? If'n youz keeps stretching this out, therez gonna be some more {cough} local riots, if ya gets mah drift... ;)

Me? I'm good, but it would seem some of the natives are becoming restless... 

Mid-mount bolt handle-ahead of the rear reciever ring, which means it's not a '93 to '98 Mauser (or variant)
Odd trigger group arrangement.

Bayonet lug.

Long barrel.


Portugese, maybe? IIRC they had a variant of the Commission rifle with a flush

Mannlicher, greek or other balkan state pattern? The bolt's not got the big reinforcing rib of a Nagant variant, the shape's wrong for a Lebel, too.  The skinny floorplate/non-floorplate throws me there, 'cause it's awful long to be just the trigger guard with a couple screws, but there's a 'pin' or something in the forward part of the trigger guard-maybe where the sling swivel used to go?

hell wiht it, it's a single shot, and I have NO idea what kind.

John, pulling wings off flies is one thing, tearing their legs off is another.

I don't know where you got the rifle from, but I'm beginning to get a few ideas about where you should put it....