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Meanwhile, At A Geneva Apple Store

A Swiss civilian walks into an Apple Store in Geneva, posts his findings in his blog, and eurosocialist-winnie gasps and hyperventilations occur.

(Click to Embiggen)

Funny comments at the original blog post: HERE 

I wonder whether there's an app for that SG551.



Meh.  My local Apple store is also my local FFL (Voelker Research).

My understanding is that is not an uncommon sight in Schweiz. Not that some aren't trying to change that. Not even the Swiss are immune to incursions by libtards.
I can see why they're hyper - our local Apple store has a lot more accessories on the walls.

Or did you mean something else?  There are a few things in the foreground but they're mostly not Apple related.

So, is that an "iGun", an "iRifle" or an "iWeapon" ??? 
11B40, none of the above.  Mr. Jobs, liberal that he is, would never let himself be associated with a weapon and the right to bare arms...

Oh, you thought that the i in Apples products refered to internet or the user?  Nope, its refering to the imperial I in the cult of Jobs, "i, Steve Jobs"
1. Mythilt, you are quite special ...
... there is a SIG 5532 listed.
4.  ... quite special.


So, no "iShoot" either, I suppose ???
Brings to mind a story told among the Swiss about a visit from Kaiser Wilhelm  to view the Swiss militia in training. The Kaiser asked the Swiss commander how many men he had under arms. The commander said, "1 million," referring to the male Swiss population.

The Kaiser then asked what would happen if 5 million German soldiers crossed the Swiss border tomorrow. The commander answered, "Each of my men would fire five shots and go home."

Likely not true, but a good story.

 Yes, it is a law that Swiss men must have a working rifle in their homes. . .What a great place!
Nevermind. I just went to the link and apparently that law is changing. . .
Well... not that I'm trying to rub it in or anything, but I am gonna have fun this coming weekend. I do so wish y'all could be there! I'll take pics, though. Lots and lots of pics. 

P.S. to JofA: This counts as being nice, right? Taking pics, I mean.
The apps do not make the hardware J.M.

But I will admit I prolly let my personal loathing of all things Apple and Jobs (not named Pixar, and even that he's starting to F-Up) get in the way.
VIDEO: “Switzerland Is Crime Free, And It’s All Because Of Guns!”