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Irene Tough?

NJNG thought that it had one over Hurricane Irene.  But nah, them treadheads just got into a pickle.

Where's UnkaBill to pluck-em out, when you need him.

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That was pretty stupid.
I wonder what genius thought that one up.
Ray Nagin advises TV viewers on preparing for Hurricane Irene.  So, the MOST experenced human on the whole earth sends  them down that road, now big water river, to save the children and feel the pain.  Welcom to obammavillie.
 Probably sappers ...

Army strong!

The doggies are welcome to play around in the shallows, but when it gets over six feet, you need to call in the Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard.

However, they did get to check off "deep water fording" training!
Oh, golly gosh.  Being the Survey Officer on this one ought to be fun.  Wonder what the statements for the accident report will be like.
Had a battalion CSM (who had also been my company 1SG when I was a newly minted 2LT) say that whenever something went wrong, the first question to ask was an officer involved?  Wonder who the convoy commander was.
Very nearly a few Darwin awards there!
"You guys are stupid."

Amen to that. When we absolutely, positively had to drive into water, we used 5-ton trucks, drove at a crawl, and never had two vehicles in the same stretch of water at the same time -- because if the water started getting into the cab, it was SOP to stop, then back out the way we went in. Never had a vehicle stall out, in the water.

Backstory behind that area: The Raritan floods if you *sneeze* into it, and Bound Brook and Manville are built on the flood plain. A few years back, the Army Corps of Sappers Engineers built retaining walls to prevent the recurring flooding, but when Irene hit, the Product Of Our Public Education System responsible for closing off the storm drains at the outlet -- didn't. River water flowed back through the drains and flooded out both towns, and the retaining walls then acted like a dam to keep the water *in* the towns.

That was the nice thing about a Loach -- you could hover down into a tight area to pick up someone stuck on a rooftop (or a car top) and just pop him into the cargo compartment. No worry about seat belts, either -- they hang onto the seats and doorframe *real tight*...
At first, I thought maybe they were driving some kind of new-fangled submersible amphibious vehicle that I wasn't aware of.  I didn't think anyone could be that stupid.

I was wrong.
Since we were stationed in the Desert (Davis Monthan) we did not get any "fording" in our Convoy training (lots of night movement though, that always seemed to included crashing thru fences). But I would think if the water is up to your windshield it's time to go back the way you came....

@Bill "you could hover down into a tight area to pick up someone stuck on a rooftop "

Hell, I would pay to do that....


"The doggies are welcome to play around in the shallows, but when it gets over six feet, you need to call in the Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard."

Unfortunately, the governors of the states only have Army and Air Force assets at their immediate disposal...
I can't tell if these guys are from my old unit or not but i believe the waters there were rising stilll so previously the road was passable.  There is (not so) great picture of a tractor trailer stuck in the same vicinty on (see

Just remember some of these guys have spent probably 2 or 3 tours over in Iraq or Afghanistan and I am always happy to see them around town.

That being said i guess its a lesson learned to have watercraft avaialable and some flood training (which i never had when i was in).
 Ohio has a Naval Militia. It's only duty is to pull security during the Camp Perry matches. They keep the waterborne poets out of the impact area in Lake Erie.
Our local ambulance district has a swift water rescue boat and some people complain that the boat and training cost too much and say it isn't needed. Yet every year they have to go out and pull people out of the water because the idiots went ahead and drove into water. You can't cure stupid.
Steve, the cure for stupid is normally death. I agree that is rather harsh and has other side effects, but he is stupid no more.