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Friday the Thirteenth falls on a Saturday this month

And you all know what *that* means.

Oh, wait. You don't, and you're expecting me to tell you.

Fair enough -- it's Boquisucio's birthday!

Yes, Friends and Neighbors, Denizennes and Denizens, Commenters and Lurkers, today is the day that the Admiral of the Moat, the Master of Multilingual Malaprops, the Castle's contribution to Ibero-American amity, and Squid-In-Residence has successfully completed yet another circumsolar orbit!

And, since he already has a flagship (some assembly required, batteries not included, don't run with that bowsprit in your mouth), a copy of "Care and Feeding of Moat Monsters for Dummies," and enough mops to last until the economy actually *does* begin to recover, I was hard-pressed to think of a suitable present.

And then it struck me.

Dockyard accessories!

Now all we gotta find him is a dock...


Boq was a Squid?  I gave a Sailor the keys to the back office?  Damn, I gotta run better background checks.
He was a freshwater member of the species, so he actually has more in common with us DryLanders. It's not like he was going off to foreign lands and selling splodey trinkets to the inhabitants.

Oh. Wait.
So, Sir John has given the keys to a Squid. Pardon me while my sense of Schaden and freude gets teh best of me. It probably wouldn't be politic to be ROFL on John's front porch.
Ah...Happy Birthday BOQ...I don't know how to say that in spanglish.
Thanks all for the kind wishes.  And QM don't despair.  I'm only a squid in the Castle's Moat. The HMS Sand Pebbles is all mine.   Though Massa John handed the keys to a spik who shares the same Natal Day with Fidel Castro....
 BOQ, you just keeping adding those birthdays. Before long, we'll start calling you an "Old Phart", a new landmark in your 'Navel Career'." The correct spelling for those things related to the Navy is "Naval". Happy Birthday, Old Timer.  
Though Massa John handed the keys to a spik who shares the same Natal Day with Fidel Castro....

You are the Yang to Fidel's Ying, Boq.
Feliz cumpleanos, BOQ
I knew he was Navy.........

Happy Birthday Boq!
Happy birthday, Boq!
 No despair whatsoever, Boq! Just reveling in Sir John's discomforture.

My "Sand Pebbles" was the "Neversail" at now closed NTC Orlando. The San Diego version is still there as I saw daily when driving past the old NTC there on the way downtown for the ACSM convention.

Whether Admiral of the Moat or of teh Ocean Seas, a squid is a squid is a squid. You're just a Brown Water Sailor in this case.
 Oh, and Happy Birthday!
Seshhhh - Thanks a bunches!
You're just a Brown Water Sailor in this case.

Given the state of the moat since the sewers backed up -- yeah.
This is where the Armorer wanders in and sez, "We have septic, no sewers, and it's a very healthy septic system, thenkewverramuch!"

"It's those damn zombies that live under the drawbridge."
Happy Birthday BOQ. 
Back to fishing for floating scuppers again, eh UnkaBill.