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Caption Contest (Recharging Batteries Edition)



Nothing like recharging with the base to put the goose back in the step.
"Heh, I can get a lot of White House silverware in these coat pockets."
"I have a plan to increase revenues, reduce the deficit, create a brazillion jobs, deliver a rainbow unicorn flying pony to every household in America, and redistribute wealth while still making everyone as rich as Warren Gates -- ummmm -- Buffett. And it's right here in my pocket. But Congress will have to pass it before anyone but me and Bill Ayers can find out what it is..."
 "Static Cling!"

Proof positive that he is an *er* ammased leftist
"What's in my pocket? Oh, that's little Harry Reid. He gets [excited] when he's around me."

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I apologize for the repetition.
Have my jar of Vaseline all tucked away in my pocket.  NO ONE gets to touch it except me.
Is that a stimulus in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?
 Plan unfolding according to plan. Off to play some golf!
 Head fully up Ass, Barry marches stoically onward, there are always more Jobs in need of killing.
Trying  for the badass Vlad Putin effect, but the fruity facial expression just ruins that.
Ah, guys and gals? That bulge in the clothing is in the wrong place to be one of his, uh, parts. More like some kind of SS electronic gizmo, methinks.
You guys and gals are getting too esoteric here.  It is something far simpler.  He farted and no one noticed.