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Another day of scourging the faithful...

Now, this pic would drive me crazy. I'd be saying to myself, "Self, that thing looks damn familiar, but it ain't quite right!" (Which, coincidentally also works as Armorer self-reflection, but I digress)

Oh, and this one wasn't in the plan. It's a bonus. Which, of course, means this may take longer...


Let me just say that I now offically hate you. It might be a Type 1, but it might be something else, what I am not sure what it could be.
Trigger Guard. That's what it is. 
I spect that's a Carcisaka, early, with the modified Carc lower instead of the later, Ari lower.
I vote for a Mosin Nagant.  Don't have time at the moment for the Google-fu that it will take to nail down the variant.
I don't know, but that trigger guard cuts a nice line, roomy enough for a glove, but slick looking... is that a pivot point for a lee-type magazine catch?
I have absolutely no idea about the identity of the piece, but I will say, from an aesthetic point of view, that that trigger guard and that trigger are right purty. I mean, look at the delicate taper on that trigger, and the wholesome proportions of the trigger guard!