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An empty perch by the cuttlefish bone...

It's not often mentioned, but there are several perches (with cuttlefish bones) at "the watching place" at Piddler's Green, as not all our distaff family members are furred, some are feathered. One such feathered friend, Mr. Peeps, has passed from this vale of tears, leaving Scott Doyle bereft of a little bit of joy while he waits for his son to complete a tour in Afghanistan. Make no mistake - feathered folk are every bit as engaging as furry folk, once you know the code.


Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance sing a spark to the Great Hunting Ground and Tennis Ball Chasing Facility at Piddler's Green.  Where there are many fingers to perch on, and places to sing merry songs, people to chat with - and the MSM fishwrap is always fresh!


Thanks, John. 
Thanks!   I appreciate that.
Thank you, John.  My parents had an amazing, highly-intelligent parakeet early in their marriage who lived until I was about six years old.  It was so sad when we lost him!
Mr. Peeps was very cute.  My condolences to his humans.
Hello I always enjoy reading your blog and wish I would have came across it sooner. I happened to stumble upon it while searching on Google . I will definitely recommend it to all my colleagues.
I must tell Bev Harp about this. Squawk!

And Squawk! again!
As the servant of a feathered scrup'l, I do understand the joy psittacines they can bring.