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66 years ago today...


Thanks, Uncle Bill - you and the 16 million other guys and uncounted gals who got us there.  And the Brits, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Filipinos, French, Dutch, Czechs, Poles, Indians,  South Africans, Norwegians, Danes, Chinese, Colonial Troops and Resistance fighters everywhere, Brazilians, and with an asterisk for the Russians regarding VJ Day. They get full credit for bearing the brunt of VE-Day.

'Cuz it's not like we did it alone.


That guy on the left, I don't think that his eyes are fixed to the newspaper.  The same thing goes with Mr. Bausch and Lomb, but I can't tell for sure.
I still hold that VJ day is the day the instruments of surrender were signed. 

And there is one photo that I have only seen twice.  I think it was taken in San Francisco, I don't recall if it was on Aug 15, or Sept 2, 1945.  A guy in uniform handing down a woman who was naked from the waist down.  Two or three guys from the seething crowd below were helping her down.  Must have been some wild times.  

Here is a great movie, Honolulu VJ Day.
Not everyone was happy.  Especially not the British, against whom the atomic bombings were great a war crime as they were against the Japanese.  At least according to this guy:

Larry - interesting fellow.  Yes, that's it, interesting.