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Welcome To Sgt Konen's Magic Jungle

Ahhh - Oleum Capsicum can really clear all your sinus troubles.



It can also clear your brain of trivia, e.g. your own name, birth day, etc. (been there, done that).
And once again we learn, "don't mess with Texas".  Yee-ha!
Always had the munchies after gas hut training, or when gas grenades were used on ex.

Arte et Marte

At Camp Pendleton, they had set up the Gas Shack on a hill with (as I recall) only one escape door.  After breaking the seal and enduring the abuse from both the DIs and the gas, the teary, bleary-eyed snot monsters would run for the exit door and if not careful, run full tilt into the big tree that was only 5' outside the door.

Now, far be it from me to suggest that the placement of either the tree or the door was intentional, but many a near-blinded young jarhead ran smack-dab into that tree.  Much to the delight of our DIs.

Ah, memories....