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See what ya miss when you quit posting, reading, and Facebooking?

You miss stories about the ER nurse talking about having the munchies after toking up.

Yeah, the *ER* nurse.

Werekitty, AKA Dbie, is in Health Care Hell, as she has spent the night in the ER waiting for admission to a ward - all while her family is elsewhere.

The only folks holding her hand are doing so digitally (oooo, double-entendre!) so, either here (or, frankly, better yet, check her out on Facebook) go give the Werekitten some support and advice (good advice, she's already gotten a bunch of, um, well, the kind of advice you'd expect from hosers like us) and see if you can't run her phone out of juice. 

She's *mostly* okay, but there's a reason she's at the hospital.  No, I don't know details.  Go ask her and indulge in some morale-building.

Tuttle, you worthless hunk of not-there-when-you're-needed clown - get back and get on board!

Because this is going a bit far just to make me post two days in a row when I'm trying life without being tied to the blog...


Guess who bribed the security guard to go get her computer out of the car.... I am ONLINE BABY.

Hooked up to an IV, waiting for another test in the morning.  As John said, I am "generally" ok, but happy and healthy thoughts are always appreciated.... as is the occassional entertaining comment or joke.

btw... there is nothing on tv this afternoon, and liquid diets suck when you can't include alcohol in the definition of a liquid.
 John, ya done good... roll with it! Or I shall place you back on campfire duty, along with Heinrichs.

And what's this about worthless advice? The bit about the poppies was genuine, sincere, and I believe much appreciated.

*Hiya, Deebs!*

If they give you any more crap, just puke on 'em. Works every time.   : D

Okay, back to cooking lasagna on the sidewalk...
Dbie...if you were closer I'd bring you some nice Italian food. Ask questions...none are stupid. Get your results in writing...hard copy so you can reference them and show to other doctors.

If you need consults, let me know...I have friends in white coats that know some stuff. Nobody gives a Sh*t what your illness is as long as we can help.


  Not to worry. I haven't posted to my own blog since the 6th. I've been off and on FaceBook between projects, but reality is getting in the way of my blogging, and to be honest, some of the stuff I want to write about I still don't feel comfortable writing about from am opsec point of view, even with the passage of a quarter century. I'd rather err on the side of NOT.

 It's all good, though. I'll keep at it as time permits and eventually get some major posts up that I've got half-finished.

  Take your time, John. It's supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, NOT an anchor holding you to a keyboard.

Thanks, Fishmugger.  I could soooo go for some good food right now!  Doc has me on a liquid diet, dang it.  You know it's bad when the hospital menu sounds good, haha!  Great advice- thank you.


Susan, I will have to work on my "puke upon demande" skilz.  They are sorely lacking, I'm afraid.  Oh, and lasagna?  MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

WereKitten, it is amazing, but also important, but it *does*matter what role you play in this “half–fast” horse opera.

Both my Great Grandmother and my Grandmother were both nurses. My Great Grandmother was a nurse during the Civil War at Gettysburg. My Great Grandmother lived over 100 years. She also is the one who taught me, “The good die young and I'm not going!” But both of them taught me a very important lesson, “If you are the patient, NEVER aggravate the nurses. They watch the doctor.” After a moment of awkward silence, she would ask this question, “Tell me, how many ways are there for a nurse to get evn withn you? Do you personally want find out each and every one of them?”

Fish, you have Finally confirmed the thinking of some of the people here. You write, “I have friends in white coats....”. Do they bring you a white coat for you? I'm talking about one of those codes and put on backwards, with long, long sleeves that tie in the back?

Lady,  I must agree with Fish, in his second paragraph, last sentence. You are in all of our heart and minds and prayers.


From “Grumpy”
 Awwww, Deebs....

They're feeding you.... salt water?

*wringing hands*

I shall mail you some lasagna forthwith. Just as soon as it stops percolating. 
 If the lasagna is percolating, it's rather thin stuff.

Had Jello, chicken broth, and sherbert for dinner.... to go along with my salt water.  OMG.
RESCUE MEEEEEEEE better not be from Romainia, but welcome anyway. anyone around that can sneak you a cheeseburger? I walked into the hospital when my brother was in for a heart attack with a bag of 12 White Castles. The nurses got on my case big time. "You can't bring that for him." "I brought them for you guys." Then you and them can stay." They're so easy.
Deb you are on our minds. Looks like your sense of humor is intact. Ma and I and Julie owe you a bunch of prayers ....  we will deliver.

Get well soon.
No.  No sneaking in food... plus the only locals who know where I am are 45 min away.  mmm JELLO IT IS!

Thank you, Jim!  Your family is full of prayerful blessings.  It's great to know you're praying for me!
dang echo... it works in the hospital even better than at home!
 Hmmmm. I thought Tuttle was retired. Did he sign a blog contract? If he did, then send the MPs after him. Or, just send the MPs anyway, cahin him in the basement, and promise to sort things out after he's made a few posts. Lock him inside that door I was getting the det cord for, but keep the flame thrower *outside* this time.


  I thought a 12-pack of White Castles was a single serving.....   A 12-pack of White Castles, a 6-pack of Colt 45, and a tube of Pringles and you're set for any football game.  :)
Dbie want a Doobie?
Wait 'til Obamacare kicks in.

That ER nurse will be the only one staffing the entire hospital...

...on the plus side (for her) is that she'll be too stoned to notice.

...on the minus side (for the patients) is that medicinal marihuana will be the only drug available in the pharmacy.
Hi Grumpy!  I didn't see your comment yesterday for some reason.  Thank you.

Test is over... I am fairly lucid... but I haven't talked to the doctor yet.  The doctor told him I had colitis, but I have no idea what that means or what kind.

Thanks for all of the well-wishes!
You didn't see it because it wasn't there, Dbie.  It was held by the gnomes and I didn't free it until this morning.  So, your drugs aren't *that* good....
Sheesh WK, didn't I tell you to keep rubbing them froggies, not licking them.  You know better than that!

LOL.  I knew the drugs weren't THAT good... but I did have a procedure done yesterday morning that started with my shorts and panties off.... and ended with them back ON.  Not sure what to think about that, haha.

BUT BOQ... licking frogs and windows is a specialty of mine.

And in all seriousness, I have been rescued and am at home.  Still having some issues, but not serious enough to require the Hospital of Hell.  I can't tell you how much it means to me to know you were all out there pulling for me!  I love my imaginary friends.  For realz.

*cues Mighty Mouse theme*

I shall rescue you.  First, know that the BBC's new version of Sherlock Holmes is a HOOT!  Subtler than Bones or psych and definitely worth the watch.

Snacks:  French-fried artichoke hearts, with ranch dressing to dip them in, miniature quiches and melon medley.

Appetizers:  Mushroom-barley soup, mesclun salad with strawberries and raspberry viniagrette.

Main course:  Filet  mignon steak, glazed baby carrots and potatoes Anna

Dessert:  Apple turnovers with vanilla ice cream

Nightcap:  Your choice of alcoholic beverage.

I hope you feel better.