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Picture Of The Day - DFAC Denizen Edition

Hmmm I hear they have Pizza Huts on deployment now a days..



Not any uniform, accessories, bedding, or furniture I'm familiar with.

A USNA middie, maybe?

*waiting for it*
Well, he's currently doing more to defend the country than I am right now.  I'm an old retired phart far from the kill zone.  I'm 20 pounds beyond my military height/weight standards and I couldn't pass the APFT right now.  Wonder what the age adjusted standards are for a 61 year old 11A00?

Maybe we need more information before crashing done on this guy.
That looks more like a Cabela's deer-hunting cammy pattern than anything military -- and the brown, shiny leather belt is right off the local Biggentall Men's Wear rack.

Where'd ya dig that one up, Boq?
USNA? No way!!!!! The bunks are not cushy enough.

Read. The. Clues.

Observe the little step stools to assist personnel in climbing into their racks. And the cute checkered bibs. And the oversized spongecake ladyfinger with whipped cream spilling out.

Obviously this was taken inside a USAF nuke silo. 
Blame the Euro-Mil Boards, Unkabill.
Huh. Figgered it for Euro cammy, but I'm hornswoggled if I know what country it's from.

It looks Swiss, but it's not alpenflage...
 Okay, so we have to be serious...

He looks too young to be in anybody's military. It's probably a school or a camp for weight-challenged young'uns.
 Yeah, teh cammo doesn't look military, and I see no articles of uniform in the other wall locker either.

So sorry about the dropped "t" over ay Lex's place. I do have good excuses and gave them over there. I wouldn't dream of making excuses here.
Yep.  Probably either a high school military cadet or a Corps-level staff puke.
A Finnish national servicemen doing his bunk.

Mandatory national service is most likely a very good thing for him.

Camo pattern worn is older Finnish M91

The current M05 "digital pattern" is what you see Finnish peacekeeping forces wearing in Afganistan etc. This pattern outfits are not awailable to public including voluntary forces i.e. home guard groups.

National service is mandatory in Finland for all men from 19 yers of age and service time varies between 6 and 11 months depending on branch and trainig. Women can also join on a voluntary basis. There is also the possibility to serve unarmed for 9 months due to personal beliefs, religious or similar reasons.

The system on national service is highly appriciated in Finland and in recent surveys more than 90% of all young men regard it as their duty.

There are many who can not join due to health reasons even if they wanted to and unfortunately an increasing amount of young men whome the army does not want due to issues like drug, mental health or criminal records in order to keep the others safe during their service time.


Looks like mommy packed him a nice lunch before he went off to training. 
Hmmm.  A portly Finn souldja.  Thanks Mick/.