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Meanwhile, in other news...

...that didn't appear in the Fishwrap Media:

First, the House finally realized why it got that conservative-leaning Republican majority back in the 2010 election and passed "Cap, Cut, and Balance." Next stop is the Senate, where we'll see how many of both parties will either decide to represent the majority of the voters (who favored the bill, despite what Obie claimed in last week's presser) or still firmly believe that our wallets are their own personal ATMs.

Second, Iran got tired of just shelling Iraqi Kurds and launched a raid into the area around Suleymania (S'leymani, if you'd prefer it in Kurmanji). The Revolutionary Guards evidently got their butts kicked good -- not surprising, since we've been training the Kurds since '03, at least.  The RG's target was one of the towns where a lot of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) members make their home, because PJAK openly sides with Iranian Kurds agitating for an autonomous homeland in Iran. In what would normally be a puzzling move, in 2009 the Treasury Department declared the PJAK a terrorist organization -- right before Obie's "peace overtures" to Tehran. Got that? The *Treasury* Department -- not the State Department, and not the Justice Department, and not in coordination with either -- made that call, evidently based on an *Iranian* TV newscast linking PJAK with the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK).

Why isn't it a puzzling move, since it was analogous to a Cav Troop fry cook writing the OPORD for the airmobile assault into the Ia Drang Valley?

Simple. Why would we expect anything but amateurish bumbling from *any* member of the Insane Clown Posse running the show in DC?


The Kurds have been getting kicked around by Iran, Iraq and Turkey for ages, it's good to see Iran getting a bloody nose for this.
Several years back, the Iraqis decided they had enough problems without continuing to pick on the Kurds, which is why the Iraqi Kurds have their autonomous Kurdistan within Iraq's national borders. Whenever there are elections in northern Iraq -- in Kirkuk, for example -- there are both Iraqi and Kurdish troops providing security, and even though the privates on either side give each other the hairy eyeball, neither side will provoke a fight.

The Kurds won't, because they're a long walk from home, and the Iraqis won't, because they know we trained the Kurds for a lot longer than we trained the New Iraqi Army.

And the Iraqis have quietly begun holding joint maneuvers with the Kurds...
On the Cut, Cap, and Balance thing, does anyone know about the supposed constitutional amendment proposal therein?  I've seen mention of it here and there, but little detail, and digging through the actual language looking for it is asking for a migraine.  What I've read so far is that it's basically a balanced budget amendment.  What I want to know is what that amendment looks like.  If it's anything like the piece of garbage BBA proposed in the Senate, we're getting the shaft.

The Senate BBA wouldn't change spending or the debt in any meaningful way, but it would give the spendaholics the perfect response to any mention of spending too much:  "We can't be spending too much, we passed that horribly restrictive BBA you demanded!  We're only spending within the limits you set!  Quit moving the goal line!"  People, especially fiscal conservatives and libertarians, desperately need to know how counterproductive that BBA would be if passed and ratified.
In other other news, I have emitted a blog post, having to do with my having been knocked down, and upside the head, a few hours ago. 
 Bill, the WMD in Iraq issue has come up in teh comments on Lex's site and I recall you writing about it recently. You remember when it was? If you don't mind I'd like to copy and post it over there, with suitable attribution of course.
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Thanks Much Bill!
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The Iraqis have a lot to learn from the Kurds. They're a tough non-Arabic people that have been around for ages. Saladin was a Kurd, and kicked Crusader tail during the crusades.

I noticed you made it over the Lex's place. I posted the links to your series after your latest post. Good info, that. I'd never heard anything like it before, and I certainly agree with your attitude towards Cheney.

I'm sure teh fry cook didn't write the OpOrd for Ia Drang. LZ Xray was at Ia Drang wasn't it? I think that still qualifies as the hottest of the war, based on camparisons I've read.
X-Ray was a nasty fight, fo' shu'. I worked with one of the guys who went in on the second lift ship, and he got pretty agitated when he talked about it. He did three tours -- he said that he figured if he survived the Ia Drang, nothing would be able to kill him.
The Ia Drang remained a hot spot. Two years after the battle at  X-Ray, the Ia Drang flared up in a bad way. The fighting was so intense that in the aftermath, three American soldiers from the Army's 4th Infantry Division were awarded posthumous Medals of Honor. The division's 1st Brigade earned a Presidential Unit Citation.

Ong Thanh was pretty nasty, too. In fact... it was real real nasty.