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I'm taking a break. And, it may be permanent.

This sort of thing usually kills a blog, but Bill, Boq, and Dusty are welcome to keep the lights on.

I'm tired, however, and clearly, based on my last post, I'm just phoning it in, and you guys are calling me on it again and again - as you should.  But it doesn't appear to be working.

So, I'm going to hang up the phone, and see if the bug bites me again, if I can win past the cobwebs that will gather.

Not as hasty a decision as it sounds, it's been building.

But if I can't even type any more, that's my subconscious telling me to take a break.

So, I'm taking a break.

I was kind of hanging on until the PV-IT fundraiser was over anyway.

And it is - and Team Army made it's goal, but we fell short overall.  Got close, and in this economy, we thank you for that!