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The year was 1969.  And while UnkaBill was tussling with Dyspeptic Water Buffaloes®, in the upper highlands of Nước Mắm, I too was having my scuffles with a dyspeptic codependent. 

One of my pre-kinder classmates whose name was Gustavo, always had his fingers up his nose, prospecting for a snack.  He quickly gained the moniker: Gustavo-Come-Moco. He immediately ceased to be Gustavo, or Gus, but hence fourth be came Gustavocomemoco (Gustaff-the-booger-eater). 

To this day, I have no idea what ever happened to Gustavocomemoco and his dietary habits.  But to judge by the picture below, I never would have guessed that his child one day would have the First Lady visit his day-care center.






Guns 'n boogers.  That's where the Castle stands now...  ;^ )
Well, at least ya got 'em in the right order.
For me, I'll just blame Michelle for juggling some old synapses in me head.

Didn't know that "boogers" were on her new Food Plate nutritionary diagram that we are all supposed to follow.

Like most of Da Wuns policies, I think I'll pass and just say no.

That being said, look what's in her right hand;  Ooooh, bright, shiny and it jingles!  Now, what's the left hand doing?
Careful!  The Wookie will want fries with that!
 "The President puts this on every night; I have to keep him away from snacks and stuff."

You want me to eat parsnips and watercress?  No thankyou - I'd rather eat my boogers.
C'mon, Boq! Those things are yummy!  I do draw the line at eating other peoples' boogers, though.