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Embalazing Engrish

Knowing how nit-pickingly difficult it is to sell anything to the Australian MOD, I am VERY surprised that this embarrassing misspelling got through their school-marmish product inspections.



Pretty embarassing especially if they really are forced to wear it as uniform.
Geez, I haven't seen *any* local patch shops overseas that would make an egregious spelling error like that -- they were pretty meticulous about getting it right.

Oh, wait.


Never mind...
Yeah, China.

Bill, have you heard the Lex has wussed out of going to EyeRak to help nurture the Iraqi AF? He even took your name in vain when saying he didn't want the job.
Back in the early 90's, the Municipality of San Juan decided to gentrify the lamp-posts of the Old City.  Up to then, most of the light-posts were of the modern variety, and looked out of place in the Old Quarter.  So, they go to this foundry in Toledo Ohio, and have them copy one of the few surviving original colonial cast iron posts left.  Their result was beautiful  They are truly a hansom compliment to the colonial cityscape.  The problem: if you look closely at the base of each reproduced light-post, the inscription reads: 
MARDID - 1893

Uh, Boq, shouldn't that be HANDSOME? Unless you are talking about Holmes and Watson jumping into their favorite transportation device, a hansom cab.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.  I once got into work and was called to the editor's office where she chewed me out for misspelling a local man's name. He was an Erwin and I spelled it Irwin. She had a copy of the paper there with an article on the front page about our local museum. The paper had already been printed and distributed by the time I came in from covering a school meeting. The headline was "New display at Bushwhacker Musuem."

It happens to everyone, it's just funny when it's someone else's mistake!
Mardid? That's in Psain, right?
You would think that a foundry in Toledo would be able to keep straight the proper spelling of their eponymous cities in Psain.  I scrubbed the interwebs in search of a picture of this misspelling, but alas, I guess no one cares about that anymore.  It was a hot-button embarrassment back during the first Clinton Administration.

And handsome, geesh that's fitting in the thread of the discussion, NV-Steve!