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B-29 Frozen In Time

If you are CONUS, and you have an hour to kill, do watch this program.  It's worth the time.


This is the first clip of seven to watch the full program go: HERE

I do remember this story a few years back, and remember well the couple pictures taken from it; but never saw the whole story in moving color.



It's a great story, but the ending is a real heartrbreaker.
I have this saved on my DVR and I can only watch it to the point they start to taxi.  Then I turn it off.
It's a B-50 actually... but yeah, heart-breaking to see the end of all that labor!
 Reminds me of the old ABC sports intro which end "the agony of defeat." I can only guess at how Greenamyer felt watching the plane burn after losing a good friend in the process.
Yes, it was truly heartbreaking. What is nearly as bad is that PBS charges twenty freaking dollars if you would like to buy a copy on DVD. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that organization doesn't understand the free market... ;)

Nope, Neffi, it's a B-29-95-BW; first flew in February 1947, while the first production B-50 flew five months later. The documentary clearly states (and shows) the Kee Bird used the original 2,200 horsepower twin-row Wright engines, as opposed to the 3,300 four-row P&W in the B-50. It's also easy to see the Kee Bird features the original Superfortress tail instead of the tall tail of the -50.

What I found truly cool was that Greenamyer built his own F-104 from salvaged parts. Wish I could do that, although I would settle for a Hornet or a Viper. :)

I stand corrected, mebbe if I watched the dang video I'd know better...!
Neffi!  You're now qualified to be a Sunday Morning Talk Show Guest!
This is a good program, many of you would call it a failure. But the real question is about your real objectives, not just secondary ones. Let's see, Quarterrmaster, you talk about the “Agony of defeat.” Have you ever experienced frostbite, this is, “true agony of de-feet”. Your first inclination is to warm your feet in warm or warmer/hot water. You quickly find out that even cold water feels hot. When I was a kid, I made all of the classic mistakes and paid for it, dearly. I'll never forget.

As I watched the program, I noted the loss of one life, but the real goal was to get out alive. If they happened to get out of Greenland, with that B-29, it would have been nice. But they kept their priorities  in order, even with the loss of one in that environment, they did an outstanding job.

With the individual who built his own F-104, I figure there are people who are born scroungers and this appears to be one of them. When you get around them, you find this certain type of amazement at how they approach things. Actually, they are very very intelligent. I enjoyed the program.