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And now for something completely different...

 ...a picture for Dark Lord Sly's VES:

No, Mister DeMille - I'm *not* ready for my close up! Go 'way!

There's a reason her name is Bibi - B*tch in the Basment.


This pic got the following responses:
*big grin*
"Pretty kitty."
*even bigger grin when she finally read the top line*
*contemplation of poking said kitty in the belly*
"Silly kitty."

It's just my opinion, but I think you've scored another notch in the "Kewl" department.
Umm, did yon cat swallow one of your cannon balls, Sir?
No. She's... fluffy.

Her name has a typo in it?


Just a longhair, or is there some Maine Coon Cat in her blood?
Bet some Maine Coon but no ear tufts or hair tufts between her toes. Size wise she fits.
Yeh, it does.  And eye officiallyl don't give a flhying f*ck anymomre