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A Codpiece For Every Jarhead

Finally, every Marine in the field will be sporting a nifty-ballistics "boys-protector".  The Marine Corps Times report that 15,000 future grandkids protectors are being rushed to the battlefield.

Full article: HERE.



Looks like something the Corpsman would hand out prior to shore leave in a dicey port of call.
Marines can't wear isn't MARPAT!
I kinda liked the ballistic sporran they issued us contractor parasite war profiteers. It doubled as a nice insulated coffeepot rest for your desk....
Given the effects of any force on a protective garment, to quote a Sci Fi author I cannor recall, it may save the jewels but the marine will be screaming in a voice only dogs can hear.

Upon further reflection, this newest addtion to the Marine "arsenal" is going to change our manual of arms...


What about some sweater-puppy protectors?  You know, there are females Marines, too.
While I do not know the look of the final product, I bet it would look kinda like THIS, 11Bravo40
Yah, Chuck, I hope they have some kind of rigid armor in there, as well. 

I mind Philip Caputo's book in which he wrote about the armored shorts issued to the Marines in Vietnam, which were doffed by all as soon as they thought nobody was looking. It seems they chafed, or something.

Did you know that most pro baseball players thought a plastic cup in the jock was sufficient, except when playing against the Pirates, in which case they substituted a steel one?
That reminds me of the only home run I ever got.  We were playing softball in Junior High school, I think it was . I was at bat, and managed to connect perfectly with the ball on the bat's sweet spot. Yup, it went straight for the pitcher's nuts and he lay down gasping and howling.  Evverbody else was too shocked to move, so I just ran around the bases. Hey, a Home Run is a Home Run!
Re: Heather.
There I was sitting alone in my office.  All of sudden a shapely blond came and stuck a pair of 38s in my back.  She had a gun, too...