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A Belated Salutation

For those Denizens who are FaceBook challenged, my gift to Massa John, is much akin to that of SKK.  With the exception that he can now be creative with the resulting bounty of surplussed cat hair.

They even have a FB Page.  Happy B-Day Massa John.



Those clippers are going to get some use and we'll have no frame of refernce for the whatziss.

Products will need a warning like the peanuts thing.  May contain feline hair.
It could be worse, you could have linked to this: Sorry I'm late but I couldn't think of a good way to say Happy Birthday - until now.

I am not, in any way, suggesting catricide
 There are things that could be made with teh hair still on the hide. But, just in case XBradTC is reading, I'm not suggsting you make a Cat Skin cap from Sox's hide. You've already built up enough bad Karma with the can opener thing.