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Wednesday Gun Pr0n

A little Balkan fandango, a mix of Romanian (the rifle) and Czech (the 2nd Gen night sight). Click the pics to embiggenate.

The sight is functional (but batteries are a bitch) and is really intended for the RPK/RPD light machineguns, but works in this application, too.

I know there are those of you out there who consider the AK to be about the ultimate expression of a battle rifle, but I'm not that big a fan.  Even well-built ones (which is to say not the ROMAKs put out for export - there's a *reason* they're so cheap) like the Polish-built guns don't find that much favor with me.  But I'm a big guy, and I prefer a weapon that has some heft, doesn't shake and rattle in my hands, fits my stature and has a decent sight-base. Some will respond (with some truth) "Only because you  haven't had to hump one over hill and dale."  Not entirely true, but true enough.  There's a reason I was an artilleryman.  I don't like walking when there's armored vehicles available for transit.  The AK was good for it's intended user - agrarian, non-mechanically minded, marginally trained troops and the governments which liked them that way and wanted to give 'em cheap weapons, but as a professional, I have different tastes.  Not that I was that fond of the M16, either, but my gripes there were different.

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The SKS I have is OK. It will reliably put lead on target at 100m or so. I was able to keep all my hits inside the abdominal area of a man sized target at 150m with the Russki ammo I had at the time. The AK is reliable, which is what Stalin and his minons wanted most. But I hear your complaints and agree with them. I don't have an AK.

What I do have is a Daewoo DR-200. It has the Stoner lock up with the AK gas system with selectible gas port. Very nice piece and more reliable than the AR-15. You can get a piston kit for the AR-15 and it becomes almost as good as the Korean piece.

I'll leave the M-4, than you, unless that's all I can have. The I guess I'd suffer through it.
Very interesting.  Now to get to the rat killing.  Where are your Galils?

I always thought that was a nice weapon.  In the process of having a Galil SAR built since it is much cheaper than buying one of the few still on the market out there.
Are you finding East Bloc batteries or are you making conversions up for US stuff?

Off topic, I can't seem to reply from my ipad - I can fill out the name address and URl stuff, but cant enter text in the comment box..
So does it work on the coyotes or other miscreants sneaking up on the Castle at night?
Well, I'm sure it would, but why use Gen II when I've got a PVS14 mounted on the M4?