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The One-Eyed Colombian

While I ponder how to tackle the tragic comedy of errors that is the Serbian Bullet Trap Grenades, The Crazy Austrian, The Obstreperous Belgian, The One-Eyed Colombian, and the Johnny-Come-Lately Rican, I thought of posting a quick picture of The One-Eyed Colombian for all to ruminate.  With him in the picture is my bride, and the assorted flying rats that make Bogota's Central Square, their home.



Ah, yes, I remember Bogota.  When I was with the National Simulation Center I went there five or six times to support Pantera exercises with the Escuela Superior de Guerra in the early 90s.  The breakfast buffet at the Hotel Tequendama was great, would have been better if they had boned the chicken (or whatever it was- it may have been some of the birds in the photo) in the tamales. It was always entertaining to see how hot things were there upon arrival.  If the Milgroup boys only gave you one 15 round magazine everything was normal.  Two magazines meant it was exciting and once, they gave me two empty magazines and a box of 50.  I told them I didn't need that much because it would be too hard to reload while executing a hasty retreat. 
Ah the Tequendama, that MOD owned Hotel and prime FARC-Mad-Bomber Magnet.  Never stayed there, but right accross the road there's a superb Spanish restaurant.  Still lick my chops just thinking of its Cocido Gallego and its sublime white beans.
I only stayed at the Tequendama once.  The other times I stayed in an apartment complex near Unicentro.  A travelling companion who had attended Lancero school introduced me to the Taverna Bavara.  If the clientele spoke German instead of Spanish I could have been back in Ausgsburg.  Except, of course, everyone was packing heat.