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Shilling for an advertiser (and a friend)

Something new has been added -- see the ad for My Bullet in the sidebar?

I am in the unique position of being able to tell you that it's a genuine Good Deal. I know the product, and I know one of the guys who owns the company -- LTC (Ret) Paul Spangler's a fellow Viet vet Army Aviator (okay, he mostly flew fixed wing, part of an outfit that Wasn't There and did things You Can't Prove).

Ya see, when Spanky (we call him Spanky on the Viet vet Aviation forum) got the idea for My Bullet last year, he floated it past all of us on the forum and we encouraged him, but wanted to see the goods. He posted pix, and said he was already set up to crank out the rounds -- he even gave us an introductory offer price. Long story short, a bunch of the guys ordered the bullets and were impressed.

Scratch that, they were ecstatic.

Several ordered additional bullets for wives and for kids being deployed. And somewhere along the line, Spanky added a Blackadder snippet to his site (it's at the bottom -- and it's a hoot).

Guess what? The introductory price -- the one he offered to us, which was basically cost-plus-shipping -- wasn't much lower than his asking price right now. So, it's a good product at a good price, produced by good guys, with a good turnaround time, with shipping to APO and FPO addresses, with quantity discounts, *and* they donate 10% of the net to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which provides support to the families of those who died fulfilling The Oath.

What's not to like?

So click the sidebar ad (that way, John gets a couple of pennies, too) and visit -- it's worth the trip just for the Blackadder clip -- and see what he's got to offer.

And tell Spanky (admit it -- you always wanted to meet an O-5 with that handle) Bill Tuttle said to show you one of the pix he took flying through the clouds over Hanoi at midnight during the blackout.

No, I'm not getting a free bullet out of this -- I have do have *some* integrity, yanno.

Not much, but some.


 Love the product and the clip. I'm gonna have to get me one a those.
 OH Bill, shilling for Spanky Spangler, that's sinking to new lows!
He's a Moohawk driver, Two-Niner -- he needs all the help he can get...
Now why didn't you post this last week?!!  I already ordered one for the MH and would have most definately let 'em know where I got the link from.
Spanky?  Does that merit a TINS or a party thread?


Two questions:

- Do Army guys ever get "awarded" tactical call signs, e.g., "Booger," "Scrote," "Chocks" (don't ask), etc.? "Spanky" ain't so bad.

- Can you say "Great Father's Day gift!"?

An... AK-47 bullet?

And I thought my Uzi bullet necklace was cool.... 
Not really.................Army types either use the tail number of the aircraft for that mission's call sign.........."Army 12345" or the unit's designation for some missions:  "Lonely Ringer 810" was mine in Vietnam in all the different missions for the 224th Avn Bn (RR).
"Spanky" is just a nickname the low rent rotorheads have given me on the various aviation nets.

Paul S.
A kind of exception to that rule is at the Combat Training Centers, where you have positional-related call signs.  I was variously Werewolf 08, Werewolf 71, and Scoprion 27.  If you know the NTC call signs lists, you then know I was the FA team logistics trainer, then a training analyst, and then the mech infantry tream FSO trainer. But the callsigns aren't unique to an individual, they're tied to a postion, so they don't follow you around like AF and Navy callsigns do.

The name, 'Paul Spangler', it is the last name that has some history in fixed-wing aviation. He was a test pilot in different fixed wing platforms. First name, 'Roman' had also worked with/for the FAA.

He had a favorite saying, he would ask, "Grumpy, everything copacetic?" The answer was always, "Yeah!"

To Paul, I have a question, "low rent rotorheads", any examples?

As Always, Grumpy   
 Given the context, Grumpy, I'd say the good LTC had Bill at the top of his list.

I'd guess *all* the Vulture brothers...

Spanky's japery is merely his way of coping with the knowledge that he was only considered proficient enough to be assigned an aircraft which was limited to flight in the same direction as the nose was pointed...
Now see, this is a prime reason for my previous "low rent rotorhead" comment.  Bill is just jealous of me being selected to fly fixed wing aircraft for the Army while he, and the thousands of other rotorheads, were relegated to those loud, thrashy, low and slow bag of bolts that flew in a sorta uncordinated formation..............

Paul S.
But the callsigns aren't unique to an individual, they're tied to a postion, so they don't follow you around like AF and Navy callsigns do. 

True for the most part, there are, or were, some exceptions. Helicopter and truck ambulances were usually "dustoff" and "bandaid" or some similar variant and a number, and medics were almost universally referred to simply as "Doc." Unless you were a medic that had done something spectacularly stupid, epically memorable, or completely innocent and understandable by almost anyone but amusing to the gentile officer class. Then you ran the risk of gaining a "call sign" nickname that both stuck on future PCS's and that might suggest the wrong thing to the uninitiated until explained. 

Not that I would know anything about that. Necessarily. Officers. 
Thank you for your input... Sergeant.
Thank you for your input... Sergeant.
Oh, bloody hell, here we go again...
Well, to be pedantic, shouldn't the name be on the actual bullet, and not the case?  If they did it that way, I might buy one.  If I had any money.


Guess that's one reason why John attaches that there.

Glad you spelled it rightly, Y.
...those loud, thrashy, low and slow bag of bolts that flew in a sorta uncordinated formation....

A foul canard, sirrah!

It's a *coordinated* formation.

Leastwise, it is until something vibrates loose...

Oh, bloody hell, here we go again...

You started it, Sarge.  Not me.

JTG...  heh.  I may buy one and hand-scratch you initials on it just in case I ever catch you hiding out under the workbench.  I'll stab you with it, or mebbe use a hammer and pound it... never mind.

Paul/Bill - someone pass the popcorn.
Well, not to add fuel to anything, but... What would happen if, say, you took each-a these types of wing-machines into the air, and... cut off the engine/s? Hmmmm? 

Oh, and do these bullets also come on chains that are long enough to loop over a head and dangle somewhere?
Not a call sign, but dad (Chuck Fountain - 228th ASHB, Co. C) became known as "Major Leadbottom"; as he seemed to attract a little too much attention from the bad guys towards his CH-47.
"Oh, and do these bullets also come on chains that are long enough to loop over a head and dangle somewhere?"

According to the confirmation email I got, yes.  Although, it would be a simple matter to remove the bullet from a keyring and thread it onto a chain if'n ya wanna.
No, really, guys and gals,  Selling just a plain bullet without the case might work out better. It would be cheaper, and provably not live ammo, so you could carry it into an airport, and all.  With the ability to write on the whole bullet, not just the part that's exposed when it's loaded into the cartridge, I think there would be room to write someone's full name at a readable size, if one is young or has good reading glasses.

I would remind The Armorer that he started this with the magazines and the clips.
I'm a Democrat.  Standards for thee, not for me.
 Sir John, thou are a Democrat?!!? I did think highly of you. Now I will have to thik lowly of you.

As for Paul/Bill, it looks like the steam has run out already. Getting old I sez they are. A geezer fight doesn't last long.
Qm,  I am proud to say that I am an old-fashioned, or Pre-Bryan, or Grover Cleveland democrat.  I am registered to vote as a libertarian, but I don't adhere to the Libertarian platform.  I think I could best describe my political opinions as being those of a Constitutional Reactionary.
QM - I'm a Democrat-of-Convenience.  Yanno, when it serves my purposes. 
Off topic, but what happened to SangerM, and Ry?  This here Most Neurally Divergent Milblog is suffering from an insufficiency of weird people.  I try to repair the deficit, but some of those other folks we don't see around here much any more are much more expertly weird than I am.
Armorer, If you are a  "Democrat-of-Convenience", then would it also be equally true that you are a "Republican-of-Convenience"? Emphasis mine, **"Yanno, when it serves my purposes."**

Sure sounds like we have found a person with his head out. Old Timer, what do you see?
Couple/three things..............

We do offer a MyBullet necklace.  You can designate which you want on the order form.

How in the hell can we laser engrave much info on just the bullet slug?

Bill T. always wusses out when confronted with superior logic and intelligence.........which is most of the time.

Who are you calling a geezer?  I'm just chronologically advantaged.
 Goose boys; when they get older, they become geezers.

Paul, as I wrote above, make the letters small enough to fit. If one wants to read them, he should have young eyes or good glasses.
Paul - don't argue with JTG.  He cheats.  He lives in his own universe, which enables him to do amazing things in terms of turning tangents into superhighways and Jovian bodies into infintesimals.

JTG - Sanger's life took some professional and personal changes that caused him to essentially withdraw his avatar from BlogWorld.  If you have the proper lenses, you can see Ry up in the rafters as he keeps himself just a touch out of phase.  He felt like he generated, and/or was the victim of (and there's truth to both aspects of causality) too many red and yellow flags for Rulez Violations, and tired of sharing the penalty box some others who's tempers would flare a bit too easily.  Call it voluntary internal exile, for his own inner peace.

A variation of the fact that Aaron still hangs around here, but doesn't get as involved.  Some of the more dominating personalities here at the Castle are not as tolerant of dissent as they may believe, and yes, the comment boxes suffer from that, from time to time. 

I miss the give-and-take, but I don't miss the fires that would break out.  It's tough maintaining a balance, and it's tough being one of the ones who hold contrarian views on some subjects, even if, in fact, we hold a huge common ground, we just insist on setting fires in the trash can when interacting on the innernutz.
Just remember since you were an is sometimes difficult to lend a little dignity to what otherwise would be a vulgar brawl.

(You may have to explain that to Bill.)

Paul S.
Commanche College Cannon Cocker Class of '69

Oh, good golly.  Bill is an original Redleg, too, Paul.

It does explain why we're reasonably articulate, unlike our DAT and DAG brothers (and, soon, perhaps, sisters.).
Heh. If people came here for the dignity, we'd barely be into quadruple digits.

"Castle Argghhh! Come for the dignity! Stay for the Guineafowl hollering 'Butt-crack'!"

Class of 69-what? I was 69-1; I was the reason successive classes didn't get to try to drop a 105 round into a five-gallon bucket 50 meters from the bunker -- I kinda made the bucket go away...
Class 6-69....graduated on April Fool's day...............always thought that had a nice touch to it.

When we did the bunker shoots, they let us play with the big guns.  Those 8-inchers really made a lot of noise and you could feel the concussion.

You and John ready to make that 100 bullet order yet?
(The ash try on my vette is getting sorta full and a new one is sounding pretty good right now.)