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Random things that are going to cause me to stroke out someday..

Mark Steyn, for pointing out this brilliant piece of logic on why the Nannytollah Bloomberg supports gay marriage:  

"Government should not tell you what to do unless there’s a compelling public purpose."

Nurse Bloomberg can only find this a wholly consistent viewpoint because he actually lives in an alternate universe where irony does not exist.

I'm not against, gay marriage, myself - I'm coming to the point where I lean towards the gov't should get out of "marriage" altogether, leave "marriage" to the churches, and create a legal framework for contractual arrangements under civil law, simply because I don't think people should use the coercive power of government to tell religious entities, many of which have existed for far longer than the US government, that they will too toss over their dogmas and do what they're told.  Of course there are exceptions - the First Church of Eat Your Neighbor's Liver is gonna get a SWAT team visit, don't go all reductio ad absurdum on me.  Ya wanna do that, go be the Pope.  Or the Archbishop of Canterbury.  See?  It can work if you want it to.   (wholly internally consistent only because it originates in an alternate universe.  You note I blame Steyn because clearly Nurse Bloomberg is not self-aware enough to be held accountable for his utterances.  He's just a very neat, clean and tidy version of the guy living in the carboard box under the bridge, but scarier because he wields actual power and in fact, can find a compelling public purpose everywhere he looks..

Then there's Ms. Pelosi... commenting on the Coburn-Lieberman plan to revamp Medicare:

“Any changes to Medicare must strengthen the Medicare system and improve the health of our seniors,” Pelosi said in a statement. “It is unfair to ask seniors to get less in benefits and wait longer to get onto Medicare — all while Republicans back tax breaks for Big Oil and corporations that ship American jobs overseas.”

Doesn't she represent San Francisco, which outsourced the Bay Bridge to China - because the "Buy American" laws she favors, among other factors, made it too expensive to "Buy American"? 


Actually, the rebuilt part of the Bay Bridge is is the Oakland side.  Former Oak-town mayor, and current PRK Gov. Jerry 'Governor Moonbeam' Brown, through his constant objections over the aesthetics of the Bridge, played a huge role in running up the cost of the thing.  Largely simply because during the delays, the price of steel kept going up.

And I'm not sure if the 'Buy American' laws did much to run up the price (big chunks are coming from China, so it's not like they're buying American), but the lack of Right-To-Work laws and BS like Davis-Bacon sure doesn't help.

  Irony is Bath Iron Works (located literally across the street from my house) which builds steel warships for the Navy. Darned good ones, too.  Anyway, when they needed a new drydock, what did they do? They had it built in China, and towed all the way to Maine. Even with the repairs to damages incurred dirong the tow, it was less expensive for them than if they built it themselves.  Go figure.
"I'm not against, gay marriage, myself - I'm coming to the point where I lean towards the gov't should get out of "marriage" altogether, leave "marriage" to the churches, and create a legal framework for contractual arrangements under civil law, simply because I don't think people should use the coercive power of government to tell religious entities, many of which have existed for far longer than the US government, that they will too toss over their dogmas and do what they're told. "


Of course when I say that, I'm a tinfoil hatted conspiracy theorist. maybe when I'm armed as well as you are I'll be able to speak thusly and people will actually think I'm sane.

What? The Boeing thing doesn't piss you off also? Yes China can build it cheaper because no Union costs as in the USA. But it does seem kind of odd that a bridge can be fabricated so far away and shipped and be cheaper. Then again, how did we end up with so many foreign car manufacturers in the US if all that was really true. Must be that New Math they taught my kids that I couldn't help them with.
FM, the Boeing thing is soo last week.  Catch up!  ;^ )
Yeah, well, Og, that's because you *are* a tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorist...  ;^ )
About Gay marriage...everything they want can be accomplished with civil law. Marriage is a whole nother thing and should be kept separate. The Male Gay community is very promiscuous and is the main reason AIDS spread so rapidly. The only people that would benefit from gay marriages is divorce lawyers. Be careful what you wish for.

Marriage is a sacred compact between a man and a woman and should stay that way. Two people wanting to set up house keeping is not a marriage. I liked marriage so much, I did it twice. If you want hospital rights, or custody could be done by contract or wills.
...and you call *me* repetitive!  B-) only have to tell me twice.
"Yeah, well, Og, that's because you *are* a tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorist... ;^ ) "

Sure, but it's also not paranoia if everyone IS out to get you!
I honestly can't find anything wrong with legalizing gay divorces,  letting gay people discover what a "Marraige Penalty" is (For Real), or letting them experience the joys that come from having your relationship blow up, then having to go pay two lawyers and a Judge to end it (minus fifty percent of whatever you've earned) just like my parents did.

It might even prove somewhat educational to them, and maybe they might be a little less likely to jump on every moonbat bandwagon out there once they've had a taste of what it's like for the rest of us.

As far as gay marriage, I'm with Rhett Butler - Frankly my dear, I don't give a s**t. Oh, was his quote different?

Keep your fingers off of my marriage and y'all can do whatever. Call it a civil union or what will satisfy the one side without angering the other if that's what it takes and shut up about it.

Compelling public interest? Give me a break - that's a sure fire way to make sure the gubmint gets into every aspect of our lives. The bureaucrats all think everything is a compelling public interest.
Expecting logical consistency -- or even rational thought -- from a Lefty is like expecting to find a bacon-wrapped filet on the menu at McDonald's.

In other pronouncements from the Insane Clown Posse currently inhabiting the White House, North Korea has been removed from Homeland Security's list of States which "promote, produce, or protect terrorist organizations" and replaced with

-- wait for it --


Apparently, the WH has decided that, if it can't succeed in creating jobs, it can create Stupid, instead...