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On bearding the lion in his den, the dangers of

Letting your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird ass...


Does the USAF still have a station in Thule, Greenland?

I figure that'd be almost, if not fully as miserable as McMurdo.  And at least you get a ribbon (or medal, not sure which) that very few folks have for McMurdo if you spend the winter.


Yeah, those USAF types really suffer. 
No golf course and O club is a hardship tour for the AF.
Could have been worse. He might have been sent to Shemya.
Goose Bay and Attu were other vacation spots used as threats. Attu was just a listening post.

Hey the Marines have all those nice beaches to play on and the Army have all those nature trails. Evidently you don't play golf as you would know what a brutal game it could be at times.
HEY!!!! This is unfair, at least at McMurdo you get to take your leave in CHRISTCHURCH!

I don't know about McMurdo, but Iceland pretty much sucked.
Yes, Murray - and you don't even have to put a coin in the slot to have the bed shake!  Poor bastards.
In my day...(OMG, did I really say that?) was "Whatya gonna do, bend my dogtags ans send me to Vietnam?"
 There's North of Thule:

My Pop spent 18 mo's in Thule, and while he always spoke *fondly* of his time there, he always qualified his comments with, "At least it wasn't McMurdo."
He did come back with some very nice *winter* parka's that he bought at the Px, though.
In December '69, we received a Conex full of snowshoes, skis, parkas, and winterweight uniforms -- I might mention that I was in the Mekong Delta at the time.

We regaled ourselves by imagining the reactions of whoever got our mosquito nets, insect repellent, and jungle boots.
My mother used to spend a couple of weeks every year up at the base in Thule, I guess to offset the weeks spent in Hawaii and Australia.
I remember that they put a limit of one case per person of Lurpak, since it was the one of the few ways people could get it in the US back then.
Ummm, Mr. DeBille?  That was my Pop in Thule, and their reaction?  Well, it was very much akin to what I'm thinking you were imagining.
Talk about six degrees of separation.....
Seadog, was that Reykjavik, Keflavik or L------------? The last one, no longer exists, nothing, nada. Let's put it this way, I was not there, but it did cross my path in one way or another