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Oh, I know...

...the HMS Dauntless here is most likely a more capable and more efficient ship which would slaughter its WWII-era equivalents from over-the-horizon... but.
NORFOLK (June 27, 2011) The Royal Navy destroyer HMS Dauntless (D 33) separates from a tug during its departure from Naval Station Norfolk to take part in the at-sea phase of FRUKUS 2011. The international exercise is designed to enhance communication and interoperability between the navies of France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class David Cothran)

There's always a "but"... 

I'd still rather watch this old Tribal Class destroyer, HMCS Haida (a museum ship in Hamilton, Ontario) that is the last survivor of her breed of destroyer in action than Dauntless, of the new "Science Fiction" class of surface combatants.  I'm weird that way.  Of course, I'd still like to watch Dauntless in action, because I'm a miltech aficionado - but I like the lines of the older ships.

I wonder what CDR Salamander thinks.



There's something about the looks of the older ships, they look like they are speedy fighting machines. The new stuff may be faster, more efficient, more deadly and all around better, but they just don't have the class of the old ships. The Dauntless looks like someone took a Dalek and stuck it on a toy boat.

NevSteve... that's cause it IS a Dalek.  That's what makes it so dadgum lethal.  By the by, how did you find out about the Royal Navy's Dalek Initiative?
 I want to know why she needs a tug.  Weak.

Also - I don't know about you, but there are too many jokes that can be made by an exercise called FRUKUS.
Well, but it's appropriate and all NATO-y, Sal - because the Prez has directed that the US not lead NATO any more, so it should be FRance, the UK, and then the US.

And I dunno that FRUKUS isn't better'n USFRUK.  Hmmm.  USUKFR is unpronounceable...

I think the next SACEUR should be someone other than an American, too.  Then we can save on the 4-Star billet and staff.
 She probably doesn't need a tug, but it may be a local Navy Tradition.

Some strange guy dropped by in a British phone booth and told me. Really odd fella but he had official looking documentation. Unless it was faked by using psychic paper or something.