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Monday Morning Castle GunPr0n...

Since I teased with the Castle's Garand this weekend, I thought I'd grab all three of John Garand's masterpieces that reside in the Holdings of Castle Argghhh!  Both pics will embiggenate if you click them.

The Castle's three Garands - in birth order... a Winchester made in June 1944, a Harrington and Richardson made in 1954, and one of the last of the battle rifles - a Springfield Armory made in 1957, the last year of production of non-National Match rifles.  The Winchester fought in the Pacific with the Marines in WWII, and later in Korea.  She was left behind with the ROKs after the armistice.  She's also one of the rifles that were imported during the Clinton administration, that resulted in the huge crime wave and kept turning up in terrorist caches.  That must be true, because that's the rationale that the current adminstration is using to bar the Koreans for importing them this time around.  And we know that no administration would ever offer up bogus rationales to stop something they just don't personally approve of.  Heh.  Where's my bible?  I feel a need to go bitterly cling to it.

The other two are both CMP rifles, procured about two years ago.  If I stumble upon an International Harvester made rifle, I might pick it up, but probably not.  Mebbe if it has a Line Materials Company barrel, which are reputed to be the most accurate of the stock barrels for M1s.


Those pictures are proof you are living the dream.

I have concluded that 3 Garands is the requsite minimum requirement as that allows stacking..   

Thanks for the gun pron...
What's this talk about a Bible? You have admitted that you tend to default to Deist, and yer wife is a Roman, and as everyone knows, Romans don't read the Bible!

Just Kiddin! I betcha you and Beth are each more familiar with the Bible than I am.
Thy lust will not be sated by mere acquisition of the fourth maker.
There are the M1C and also M1D sniper rifles.  And, if perverted enough the ultra rare "gas trap" model needed to "complete" the Castle's arsenal.
Surely you are looking for a C and a D to complete the lineup?

Oh wait, you already have them. And are awaiting the appropriate time for another whatzis?

Semper Fi.
I had a "D" once.  A short, and ugly story I prefer not to relive.