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Now that there's someone making 'em, and almost affordably (well, the tripod mount, anyway), the Armorer may have to consider what kinds of quid pro quo will be needed to score one of these as an anti-zombie gun to mount in the guard tower...  C'mon,these guys even do lay-away!


John, I got a "Network Error" page when I tried to get the pricing on a fully functional model.  Do you know haw much they want and what caliber(s) they sell them in?
@Oldloadr, I got to the page ok, $10K for the 22lr Standard Cowboy 6 barrel Gatling on Tripod, $7500 for the gun only.

Here is 22lr kit for a pair of Ruger 10/22's for $400:
The Video makes it look like it works fine.

You're not going to wait for the .45-70 model?  :-)
I'm guessing in the $7500+ range, but I dunno.  I did drop them a line asking though.

And asking if they were going to go for a cartridge model.  I'm betting they don't, Pogue - they'd have to be buddies with the ATF for those in ways they don't for the black powder separate-loading variety.
Link worked fine when MH asked how much.  Bottom line:  Most expensive = $10k; Least expensive = $7.5k.  Only available in .22 long rifle, though.
Both MH and I were hoping for something with a little *more* per round.
There's two different items on offer, Sly.  The one you looked at, and the M1862, which shoots .58 Minie.
Hey, those Battery Gun guys are just over in Metamora. That's even closer than Bronners CHRISTmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, MI. We may have to check this out.

An associate of mine is into making full-scale, operational replicas of Gatling guns here on the Left Coast.  Let me know if you are serious about pursuing ownership of one, and I'll put you in touch.  (You may know him already... initials are L.J., retired Marine, also brokers historic military vehicles.)
Didn't see the link for the .58 Minie....hmmmmm, guess I'll just haf'ta go look at the guns again.
Damn, I *hate* it when that happens.