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DIY Weaponry Lybia

Upon looking at this video I was struck how with chewing-gum and baling wire, ex-Alqaeda-non-Iraqi-Foreign-Fighter types and now *er* heroic anti Qadaffi rebels, are arming their forces.  Budget: Zero.

Then the thought occurred.  It took General Dynamics $23,000 to churn out a copy of the Mk19 Grenade Launcher; FN $1,100 per M4 Carbine, etc. etc. etc.  Someone is making a killing in our Bidnez industry.



Gotta fill those Rice Bowls, Boq. And, we gotta give money to the politicos so they can run for iffice and keep filling those rice bowls. Money laundering ain't cheap.
Someone once calculated that, given the spiraling costs of military procurement, by 2050, it would take the entire Defense budget to purchase one airplane.

Said spiraling costs, in conjunction with Obie's proposed $400 billion budget cut (which everyone from SedDef through JCS on down seems to be jiggy with), may slip that event leftward to, oh, say, 2025...
Air Force- Monday to Wednesday;
Navy- Thursday through Saturday; and
Marines- Sunday, for washing and waxing.

BillT, that just proves, you're one of those infernal optimists!   
I must inform the guys over at Sipsey Street about this.  They are all into cheap improvised weapons.