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Another post for The Thomas...

Apparently today is the day where Bill and I just jump to answer reader questions posed in comments... DSC_0019.JPG There is no embiggenation.

In the same thread Bill linked to in his post, The Thomas averred, "Hey, I was expecting something like a Bilco door with a Civil Defense placard on it." After some further desultory back-and-forth, during which I also hadda figure out what a Bilco door was, he key-blatted:

I just thought that having steel doors (inside your house) closing off your basement might be strangely odd, even if completely useless.

Yes, the comment was a complete throw-away.

Personally I like the UGL painted concrete walls myself (like I'm ever going to get around to finishing the basement).

This post is just to point out there *is* a steel door, with a Civil Defense placard in evidence, along with some other warnage.

Just sayin'.


Shows I'm getting forgetful in my dotage.

I knew you had the vault door. I had forgotten the placards.
Reminds me of the place my Uncle had near Cassville MO. (He omitted the warning signs outside and just installed range markers.)

Regarding the placards, I found this at Boing-Boing today. The worst looking CD sign i've seen is in one of our local Gypsum Mines where we store documents.