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A lazy summer day at Castle Argghhh!

I've been struggling with a post for tomorrow, but life goes on about me, on this lazy summer day at Castle Argghhh!. Besides - I figured it was a critter-themed day, why ruin it with miltech?

Here's Chuck the Duck with his chicks -all of whom are a week older than he is. He's grown up with them, he thinks he's a chick and is probably terribly embarrassed about his voice.

This is Little Nicky.  Little Nicky is a sad goat.  He's in jail.  Well, more like protective custody.  He broke his right arm up near the shoulder - pretty much exactly where you can't do anything with it - and has to be kept quiet and still for six to eight weeks.  To a young goat, surrounded by other goats out gamboling, and more importantly, eating, this is very sad-making.

Any shade is good shade on a day like today.  There's ducks, guineas, chickens and goats in that pic.  Some are behind the tires... but they're there!

Me, I've been a recluse in the basement, and I'm probably just about at SWWBO's breaking point for hiding out in the mancave - so I'll see y'all tomorrow!


You're not building an Ark you haven't told us about?
Um, no.  I'm about 250 feet above the expected crest of the flood locally, so we're not worried.  But we got lots o' critters at Castle Argghhh!  That's one reason we don't live in Leavenworth the City, but rather Leavenworth the County.

And prefer it.
I love Chuck the Duck!!! Was he named after anyone in particular?????

Chuck was part of a clutch of eggs that were hatched as a part of a 2nd grade science project.  The kids named him Chuck.  When he first arrived, based on his conformance and color, we though he was a runner duck - which would have meant that his father was the very recently deceased runner duck who's name was... Duck.

Hence, Chuck the Duck. 

As he's grown up, it's clear that Duck wasn't his father - but he's keeping the name.