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Why livin' in the country is better'n livin' in the city...

Reason #9,658,923 - Critters.

This is Boomer, a relatively recently shorn Angora goat. The scene-stealer in the corner is Duck (who is really a drake, but we didn't know how to tell that back when he arrived) who is a Runner Duck, and who was apparently the father of our newest duckling. Which is good, because we thought Duck needed someone of his own breed to hang out with, so to speak. We've got a Pekin and some Mallards, but until the birth of the newb, only one Runner.   Both are two year residents here at Castle Argghhh!

Runner? Runner Ducks are actually optimized (well, more so than other ducks) for waddling fast, vice the comical mode of the other breeds. They were bred to be egg layers, and don't like to swim or fly much. Duck is a character.  Heck, they're all characters.  If you hang out with critters and interact with them, you find out they have much more personality than casual observation would suggest.

Which is why livin' in the country is a lot more fun than living in a city.  Of course, when I was younger... I'm not sure I would have bought that idea.  Now, however, I'm writing that check!



You have a very interesting insight, you describe the critters as being “real characters”.  I guess that means the critters just fit right in, with all of the characters at the Castle. 8^)
Where do you think the critters of Argghhh! get their *character* influences from?  Remember all the drunks at the party only seem to act strange when you're the sober one.....well, that is, until one of 'em takes off their lampshade.
 Nicely painted grass; and you claim the goat has been recently shorn, but we want more skin!

By the way, new grand-nephew: 'Christopher', 30 May, 8lbs, looks like mother.

Our grass is that green in bright sunlight.

Currently, after more than a week of rain.

Check back in July.  It should be nicely drab then.

Seriously, I'm just glad that the critters and the characters can have some time to have some fun, you've earned it. Dang it, now, get back into the party!

 As always, Grumpy