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Vehicle ID Challenge...

Mystery tank...
[Click the tank for a slightly larger version]
Heartless Libertarian asks the Grognards, Assembled, to ID the tank and operator of same. Eclectic vehicle. I expect you'll get this quick. Sic 'em!


It has a farm vehicle triangle in the right front...must be a John Deere Combine thingy.
Oooh!  Is THIS the tank than I read that Steven Segal drove through the wall of that house in AZ (? I think) looking for the scourge of a man who was suspected of taking part in a cock fighting ring?
Well, it's either my highly customized 2001 Mercedes E320 4Matic 4 door... or, perhaps, a Belgium Leopard.
Polish PT-91 Twardy I do believe.
I stood in line at Disney World for two hours to ride that thing.
Raging - *who* is the operator of this particular vehicle?
Malaysian Army...

I think Gromit is right ..... a Polish-made PT-91 operated by Malaysia.
It's definitely NOT a B-52G operated by USAF...
The flag on the mudflap says it all... Gromit
Huh, I thought the endless Malayasian Army was still ongoing.  An interesting choice to be sure, but not the direction I would have gone.  Seriously though that was a brain fart on my end,  thinking Polish tank = Polish operated. :-)
JamesLee - the "Tank" you refer to re: Steven Segal is actually a demlled M109A3 the Maricopa County Sheriff Office got several years for publicity purposes.
 That's Winnebago's latest RV design for Combat Camping. All weather, all traffic condition mobility for all your vacation needs into places like the Los Angeles Basin, NYC, and especially Detroit.
This is what we treadheads would refer to as a "Geardo"
Built like a brick sh*t house on top and wearing a skirt ....... I think it's my ex-wife!

Pogue-- Ahh, I never saw any details about it, just the one paragraph blurb in "Wierd News" which I had just happened to read the day before.  Just the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this  ;-)

Oh man .... I thought by "who's the operator?" you meant who's driving?

Of course it is a Chinese mercinary named Wun Hng Low.

Ok, I'll bite. Assuming it is not all Photoshopped, for some stupid political reason an M1A1 was donated to a country which has not the slightest idea about the proper way to decorate a tank.
JTG - Raging Tachikoma and Gromit between them answered the question.  Polish tank in Malaysian hands.