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The truth is out there.

Sony did it.
OBL_Sony.jpg H/t, Jim C.


Well, they were offering credits as compensation for those affected by the outage.  Can you imagine how many that could have been for OBL?
 He got his by hand delivery by SEAL Global Delivery. Such a shame he died as he was taking delivery. \sarc off

Now, popcorn time as we watch the Paks squirm.
Now the wackos come out:
I mean, that's almost as credible as the questions about The One's eligibility, or the crazy idea that the US actually landed men on the moon!

 Ritual Burial:  Washed in pig's blood, regulation NFL Football stufeed up his a**, and launched from Captpult #1 of the Carl Vinson to spend the rest of eternity with the other bottom feeders...Works for Me.
This is good news for everybody in the free world. Yes there is a risk of reprisals, but surely in spite of this the world is now a safer place.
 Well,  I came across this in my surfing today..  If true, wow, just wow.
Yer a little over a day late, Gary.  Look up...
 I can believe Panetta gave the order. The country would be far better of if Obama took Jarrett and went home to stay. Last week would be fine with me. Only problem is that would leave Biden in charge and, hate to say, that Obama may be the better of the two clowns.