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Thank Heavens! I'm so pleased that...

...Prodigal Son, when he and future Wonderful Daughter-in-Law showed up to say, "We're pregnant!" this isn't what she looked like.

That woulda required a lotta "looking past the packaging...!"


Love those Klingon 'glamour' photos.  This brings to mind much snarkage about being a pin-up on a bird-of-prey...galactical e harmony...

I have spent too much time in the sun.  Must watch the final season 3 tidbits for '24'.

That said, if there is anyone who could look past the packaging, I think you and Beth could. 

This even goew waaaaaay past being a "fashion risk"  That is freak show material there folks.

I know it's highly unlikely that she is, but wouldn't it be a neat scenario if she was one of Osamas 72 virgins?
Are we sure this is a woman? Could be a transvestite.
Jim - someone is looking waaaaaaaaaay too hard.
So, what kind of job does she(?) have to be able to have the money to put all that crap it has put upon its body?
I think she is a ward of the state...
 Cricket, if she ain't, she oughta be. Such a person should be living in a rubber room.
Actually, this is what Rachel Madcow looks like without her makeup...
People who do this think they're being non-conformist, individual and unique.  But in reality, we all "conform" and wear the uniform of whatever cultural subgroup we associate with ... or "belong to".  Some of us are preppies, some are rockers, some are hip-hop gangstas, some are rednecks, some are bikers, some are Goths, some are miltary/law enforcement, yata-yata-yata.

This person, while thinking she's unique, just blends right into the pierced/tattooed/body modified circus freak sideshow subgroup. Good luck at that next job interview!
*Product Recall*- Send it back to the manufacturer!   

As Grandma used to say; "Now, now, looks aren't everything.  Deep down she's a nice girl with a great personality and she can cook."

To which I would (in this case) respond; "Yes, and someday you could be proud grandparents of a herd of cute lil' grand-gargoyles."
Can we find her, and have her walk into a USMC recruiting office or USAF? With a hidden camera?
First, instinctive thought from a parent (moi), "That's someone's daughter..." 
@fcol63, I reached that conclusion a long time ago. I seem to upset the "non-conformists," however, when I voice that interpretation... :)

Just how messed-up do you have to be to make yourself look like that? I followed the URL on the photo, and found the post, and at least some commenters were defending that creature's decisions. After all, who are we to judge, right? Barf.


Yes, she is someone's daughter, and whatever hurt she suffered to turn her into this must have been horrific.  I am not defending her decision, just wondering what caused it.  Lack of parental interest?  Too much?  Not the right kind?  Teased unmercifully at school?  To show her adherence to the peer group that actually cared?  Is there a before pic of her?

Illustrated Woman.  Sanctuary. 
Maria Jose Cristerna, the Vampire Mother of Mexico.
My word. *Four* horns?

Is there a "666" somewhere in that maze of skin ink?

I went from salivating over that lovely heart attack layered in bacon to puking a little in my mouth.
That was seriously uncalled for.

I feel for anyone that must deal with that in any way shape, or form.

And don't tell me it's cuz she's misunderstood, or some other such nonsense!

OK, let's convene a Court Martial! Charge: Violation of Article 134, specification: impersonating a person.

Upon conviction, the court should sentence her to 30 days at Hard Labor, wearing a special Uniform - a Burka. Upon completion of the Hard Labor portion of the sentence, the Special Uniform provision will last until that ugliness goes away, which could be, say, about 85 years of age.
For Riverdog:
Only works if she's in the military.  But since they can't be bothered to enforce UCMJ 925 Article 125, why should they enforce anything else even if she WAS?

Looks like there really was something in Area 51.