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Money quote at (0:38)



He couldn't figure out to wait until God Save the Queen had finished to raise the glass? Really? Way to go whoever was on protocol duty over at State...
Serves him right for having TOTUS take a day off.
How sad.  Protocol problems have plagued these guys since the very first day of their administration.  A few mistakes are forgivable, but consistent errors here start to look like just plain arrogance.  Arrogance because no one on his staff seems to take this stuff seriously enough to do it right.
See that Queen, I work for that Queen.

Obama commands more men, she commands more loyalty,
I cannot she the humiliation.  Indeed more the other way.  He's a fish out of water.  I have come to dislike his vocal tones too.
He was so self-absorbed in proposing his toast that he paid no attention to the 'background' music. After all, it's all about him.
One more consequence of "movin' on up".  I know that the State Department has Protocol Officers to educate the politicals on proper etiquite.  Once or twice I could see as a mistake, but this is almost getting a track record on how many times he can insult the British.  I had many disagreements with George W. Bush, but I have to say that he has more natural class in his toe nail clippings than these two have  exhibited in their entire life (I still reflect that the Time's 'Bump' cover from just after the election was probably more spot on than they intended.  'Course, I expect the Queen has tolerance towards the leaders of other third world countries.  Wasn't it just recently that O said that he wouldn't bow to the Queen because "it's not what Ameicans do"?  So I guess bowing to the Sheiks and other leaders was OK?  Valarie Jarret and Michelle control this President's puppet strings, without prior direction and a teleprompter, he is lost.
Her Maj didn't humiliate Obie -- he did that all on his own.

Funny how narcissism plus cluelessness usually produces that result.

Leo, the DoS is chock full of protocol people who've spent their careers getting these things right -- TROTUS just feels no compelling need to listen to them...
Yeah, Bill.  But they all work for Hllary.  Why should he trust them?

Or is it possible that he DID?
Did anyone make out exactly what she did say at 0:38? Until Boq pointed it, I thought she had been silent through the anthem.

Yes, the State Department protocol people have demonstrated a klown kar approach since the start of this administration, from the "reset button" on down...