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Picture Of The Day - Watch Them Finners Edition



"And don't forget to check the headspace and timing after changing the barrel."

"This gun was designed before my granda was born, and I want to pass it along to my kids, so take care of it!"
I remember my first Ma Deuce.  I was a tad older than the youngster, but younger than the soldier.
Am I seeing that correctly?  Looks like it's aimed at someone.
 When the feedtray is open, the sightline between the rear and front sights is interrupted; by definition, the weapon is thus not "aimed".

Ha!  Fine.  Looks like it's pointed at someone.
And... I don't think you're seeing it correctly, anyway.
Look, John, it's just wishful thinking on his part.  I would bet that he had someone particular in mind for it to be aimed or pointed or clipped at...
Above the flower, it looks like someone could be standing on that frame.  Maybe it's a sandbag.  Maybe I should stop looking at the dang thing.
Toluca - I'm pretty sure this is a static display, and that yes, that's a sandbag or something similar.

Mark, quit piling on - John and I are doing just fine, thank you!

I'm sorry, but that's just adorable.
Ah, little girls with machine guns! How adorable! Will someone please tell me, just what are these  "age-appropriate relationships" of which you neurotypical people speak?

Girls that age are harmless, and often good company. It's the ones between the ages of 12 and 50 who are dangerous. All that "sex" biznis, ya'know.
I must be getting old.  Weapons Instructors just keep getting younger and younger to my eyes.
56 lb body, 30lb barrel... and yeah of the rest of the team bugger off and leave to carrying them together aint nobody else getting behind come shootn time thank you.

It also deals with fences very well, you just drop in betten the posts, step though the hole and pick it up again. To be entirely honest I did prefer it when it was mounted in the 113 turret. The wagon can carry so much more ammo than a four man crew.
Somewhere, I have a blog post bookmarked, about an 8-year old girl on a Tiger Cruise firing the twin .50s aboard USS McFaul.  She was _good_ . Walked the splashes up to the target, ceased firing when she began to miss, repeated, and got lotsa hits.  They had to bring something for her to stand on, so she could reach, and see over, the pieces. They made her wear a life jacket and helmet, so it was hard to tell there was anybody there under them.